Maximizing the power of your legal support staff

Group of office workers posing for a photograph

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), “Rare is the law firm that fully leverages its paralegal team.” While law schools may provide attorneys with a solid legal education, many successful lawyers don’t have the faintest idea how to best utilize their support staff. When attorneys don’t consider their staff a part of the legal […]

Mobile workarounds: apps for legal professionals on the move

hands on a desk

From virtual offices and a telecommuting workforce to remote clients and faraway partners, our world is becoming ever more global. For the legal industry, additional tools can help legal support staff cope with a reality that requires you to be accessible even when you’re on the move. Last year, we shared the top apps and online […]

Being a good host: essentials for law office waiting rooms

waiting room

When a client enters the offices of a large law firm on the upper floor of a large downtown building and sees wall-to-wall cherry wood, uncomfortable-looking chairs, shelves of law books, and an empty reception desk staring back at them, they’re not likely to feel welcome or comfortable. Offered no refreshments and left with nothing […]

How to make sure your desk set up isn’t harming your health

Desk set up

Most legal professionals spend a good part of their workday sitting in an office chair staring at a computer. Although sitting at a desk is an essential part of the job, paralegals and legal assistants should make sure that their desk set up is not increasing their stress or otherwise harming their health. You can […]

5 ways to boost your productivity that are backed by science [Updated]

Productivity tips for lawyers

Originally published December 15, 2015. Updated January 20, 2017. The internet is full of articles claiming to provide the secret to limitless personal productivity. If only we got out of bed earlier, organized our email more often, or divided our day into 25-minute bursts of activity followed by tiny little breaks. There’s even one study […]

10 actionable productivity tips for legal professionals

There’s one big thing that’s killing our ability to focus and give our work the attention it requires: Digital distraction — the overwhelming bombardment of text messages, emails, pop-ups, new feeds, and updates from which it is almost impossible to hide. That’s a big problem, especially if you work in a profession like the law […]

5 time-saving tools and services all law firms need to know about

Time saving tips for lawyers

Do your days feel like they’re whizzing past, leaving you with little more than a much longer to-do list? In busy, always-on-the-go professions like the law, it can often feel like there’s no let-up. However, there are legal professionals out there who have unlocked the secrets of productivity and time management. We all know them […]

4 scheduling tools to help simplify meetings and appointments

day planner

What if we told you there are scheduling tools that could take all those hours you spend trying to sync calendars and arrange appointments and instead require only a couple of clicks? The tedious back and forth communication and processes — comparing calendars to find a time suitable for all participants, finding the best place […]

11 Google Chrome tips and tricks for legal professionals

Chrome tips for legal professionals

For many working in legal jobs, it seems that Google Chrome is the browser of choice. However, despite it being the most widely used web browser on the market, few take full advantage of all of its many features. Here, we suggest 11 Chrome features and apps that could improve your work day. A quick […]

7 Microsoft Word hacks every legal professional should know

Microsoft word hacks every legal professional should know

Microsoft Word is one of those programs that you instinctively think you’re a master in, because you likely use it almost every day of your life. Certainly, if you had asked me, after having worked with Word for well over a decade whether there was anything else I could know, I’d have said a firm […]

7 Microsoft Outlook quick tricks all legal professionals should know

Outlook tips and tricks

The chances are that if you work in a law office, then you’re using Microsoft Outlook many times a day. In fact, according to our email stats here at One Legal, if you’re not reading your emails on your phone (which a growing number of you are), then you’re almost certain to be reading them […]

7 TED Talks all legal professionals should watch

Legal professionals – Paralegals, Legal Secretaries, and Attorneys – often get information and educational material from the same sources: legal websites, magazines, and professional organizations. That’s great, but it can end up being a little stale. There’s a risk that, if we’re all reading, listening, and watching the same material, then we’ll end up in […]

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