10 alternatives to meetings your firm should try

meeting room

The face-to-face interaction of a team meeting is often useful for picking up nonverbal cues and team building, but is it always necessary? While being crucial and extremely useful in some scenarios, meetings as a whole are notoriously time-wasting. Too much waiting around, not enough staying on task. Too much discussion, not enough decisions made. […]

7 common habits of very punctual people

habits of very punctual people

A study by researchers at San Francisco State University once found that 20% of Americans are chronically late — and, according to recent surveys, it’s something that is increasingly common among the younger generation It’s not necessarily that the chronically late don’t respect other people’s time, though. Diane DeLonzor, the lead researcher for the San […]

4 scheduling tools to help simplify meetings and appointments

day planner

What if we told you there are scheduling tools that could take all those hours you spend trying to sync calendars and arrange appointments and instead require only a couple of clicks? The tedious back and forth communication and processes — comparing calendars to find a time suitable for all participants, finding the best place […]

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