Person/Business Locator

Find up-to-date addresses for individuals or the latest agent-for-service for businesses in minutes, ensuring your serves have accurate information and greater success rates.

See why law firms choose One Legal

Extensive data aggregation

Benefit from a tool that aggregates hundreds of data sources in every search, ensuring comprehensive, reliable, and usable results for effective service of process.

Instant, accurate searches

Input search terms and receive real-time, up-to-date address information for individuals and businesses in minutes, enhancing efficiency in serving legal documents.

Simple interface, immediate action

With an intuitive interface, effortlessly conduct searches using any available information. Instantly initiate a service order right from your search results.

Disclaimer: Locate Services, due to data sensitivity, are exclusively for legal professionals. This includes attorneys, law firms, and staff working under the direction of an attorney. Access to these services is conditional on the verification status.

Plus, unbeatable features:

Real-time results on demand

Conduct searches with any information at hand and receive real-time results. Our system is designed for speed, ensuring you can move forward without delay.

Exhaustive data

Locator taps into a vast array of aggregated data sources, including public records across all states, to provide a comprehensive search with each query.

Reliable information at your fingertips

We meticulously select data sources for their reliability and accuracy, continuously reviewing, maintaining, and updating them to serve you with dependable information.

Direct path from Search to Service

Discovering a match leads directly to action. Start a service of process order with the located address instantly or save the details for future reference and action.

Person and Business Searching with One Legal

Find an up-to-date address for an individual, or accurate agent-for-service information for a business in minutes

Initiate your search

Begin by navigating to the Person/Business Locator via your dashboard. Input any information you possess on the individual or business to commence the search.

Review your results

Within seconds, examine the straightforward table of results. For a deeper dive, select a result to access comprehensive details, aiding in refining your search.

Take action

Armed with accurate information, promptly begin a service of process order or archive the data for subsequent action. Intuitive prompts guide you through these steps.

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