Introduction to One Legal

An overview of the One Legal platform. The video covers: Court filing (electronic and physical), process serving, eService, and more!

California eFiling

What do you need to do differently when you file electronically? Learn all about eFileCA and eServices in California.

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Illinois eFiling

What do you need to know to successfully eFile in Illinois? Learn how to eFile and eServe in the Illinois courts using One Legal.

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Indiana eFiling

What do you need to know to successfully eFile in Indiana? Learn how to eFile and eServe in the Indiana courts using One Legal

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PDF skills

How do you prepare a PDF for eFiling? Learn the essential skills you need, from adding bookmarking to redaction

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Service of process

What rules and requirements apply to service of process? How do you order process serving in One Legal?

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Los Angeles Superior Court eFiling training

Get the latest updates for LA as the court transitions to electronic court filing.

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A beginners guide to eFiling

As eFiling becomes the primary or only way to file documents in state courts around the country, legal professionals need to catch up on this new system.

How to prepare your law firm for electronic court filing

It is time to get prepared for eFiling. Learn how to get set up for success.

Top rejection reasons 2017/2018

Review this in-depth report on the top reasons eFilings get rejected and how to ensure acceptance for future filings.

How to produce a court-friendly PDF

Learn how to correctly format your documents for eFiling. Includes checklist and step-by-step guidance.

The paperless law office: A practical guide

The benefits of going paperless are huge. Getting started is daunting, but there are simple steps you can take.

Core Adobe Acrobat skills for successful eFiling

A step-by-step guide to performing the eight PDF editing skills that are essential in order to successfully eFile.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Word: A guide for legal professionals

Word is standard in most offices. But as user-friendly as it claims to be, persistent problems still arise.

Productivity tips for legal professionals

Do you feel overwhelmed by work and wish there were more hours in the day? This book is packed with tips to help.

A quick guide to better legal writing

Now we’re in the era of on-screen reading it’s vital that you get your message across as concisely and as effectively as possible.

A wellness guide for legal professionals

The law is one of the most stressful professions. Find out how to avoid burnout and stay healthy at work.

A guide to working from home

All you need to know about telecommuting as a legal support professional: strategies for efficiency, convincing your boss, and more.

Illinois eFiling kit

This free eBook contains everything that you need to start electronic filing in the Illinois courts, including introductions to eFiling, eService and eFileIL, essential office technology, and more.

21 Outlook hacks for legal professionals

Become savvy in the ways of Microsoft’s Outlook email client with these useful tricks and tips.

Microsoft Excel for legal professionals

An overview of quick and easy ways to get the most out of Microsoft Excel at your law firm.

Cyber security basics for legal professionals

Law firms are especially vulnerable to acts of cyber crime. How can you protect your client’s data from hackers?

Disaster preparedness for law firms

Is your law firm prepared should the worst occur? Become ready for natural disasters and cyber attacks alike.

Cook County eFiling guide

Learn special requirements and procedures for filing cases online in Illinois’ busiest circuit court: Cook County.


Wellness cheatsheet for legal professionals

A daily dose of wellness tips to keep you healthy no matter the day.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can save you lots of time. Here are the most useful for legal professionals.


Illinois eFiling

Use this checklist to make sure your document is ready to electronically file with Illinois courts.

Indiana eFiling

Use this checklist to make sure your document is ready to electronically file with Indiana courts.

California eFiling

Use this checklist to make sure your document is ready to electronically file with California courts.