12 hacks for an office summer refresh

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Spring is often an extremely busy time in the legal world, but as summer comes around, vacations and reduced litigation can actually make more time for brushing up on projects around the office. Consider using the coming weeks to take on new plans, address old ones, and catch up on postponed activities. Here are some […]

Tips for taking a break from work—and why it matters

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The prevalence of portable electronics has pushed us as professionals to always be “on.” Because we can work from anywhere, we often feel like we should work from everywhere. But is this constant drive to produce actually harming our productivity? Many experts believe the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” Various studies have […]

Why Wellness? A peek at our upcoming virtual event

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The upcoming event for legal professionals, hosted by One Legal, will feature experts from across the industry, speaking on issues that have proven to be important to individual and collective success. Productivity strategies: check Open question and answer sessions: check Legal technology trainings: check Workplace wellness: check….but why? There’s no question that legal technology and […]

The importance of start-up and shutdown rituals: Part 2

shutdown rituals

In the first part of this series, we discussed the importance of rituals and how morning-time rituals can improve daily feelings of health and wellness. In the high-stress world of law firms, having end-of-day rituals can be just as critical. Deadlines, demanding clients, and the constant pressure for perfection can leave us at wit’s end […]

7 simple strategies for staying stress-free at your law firm

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In the American Psychological Association’s 2017 Stress in America report, 58% of Americans said that work was either a very or somewhat significant source of stress in their lives. And the legal profession has made many lists of most stressful industries and positions. Work environment, complexity of responsibilities, and insufficient work-life balance can contribute to levels of stress. But no matter what industry you’re in, you can stay serene and actively de-stress […]

5 Stretches and strategies to alleviate neck pain at work

One Legal is made up of a team of passionate, extremely knowledgeable individuals who put their specific areas of expertise to good use for our customers. Meet the brilliant people behind the scenes to explore why and how we do what we do. It’s been said before, most recently in a study by Robert Half […]

How to make sure your desk set up isn’t harming your health

Desk set up

Most legal professionals spend a good part of their workday sitting in an office chair staring at a computer. Although sitting at a desk is an essential part of the job, paralegals and legal assistants should make sure that their desk set up is not increasing their stress or otherwise harming their health. You can […]

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