Why Wellness? A peek at our upcoming virtual event

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The upcoming event for legal professionals, hosted by One Legal, will feature experts from across the industry, speaking on issues that have proven to be important to individual and collective success.

Productivity strategies: check

Open question and answer sessions: check

Legal technology trainings: check

Workplace wellness: check….but why?

There’s no question that legal technology and productivity are key for legal professionals. But why is ‘wellness’ a focus?

One Legal’s Customer Success Manager, Lili Daniel, has also been teaching yoga and leading energy and intention-setting workshops for several years now. She shared her thoughts on the importance of prioritizing personal well-being in and out of the office.

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Wellness matters

“Lately, self-care has come to the forefront in many areas,” Lili said. “People have come to realize its importance in the workplace. It is now highly accepted in many companies that self-care is needed to do the job properly.”

Working in an industry that is considered to be one of the most stressful can be very taxing, with a deadline-driven, billed-by-the-hour work requiring a lot of hustle and not a little hassle. But that doesn’t mean your own wellbeing matters any less.

“In order for us to be focused, present for our clients and our team, and for yourself, you have to take care of yourself, so you can have more space to take care of others,” said Lili. “Doing well at this can tie into doing a great job anywhere in life.”

Workplace Wellness at OneLegalLive 2018

Each Wellness session during our four-day virtual conference has been chosen to give you tools to, in the words of Lili, “combat bad days and savor good days.” Most of the session leaders have their own corporate jobs and other responsibilities. They know the long days and the importance of doing something for yourself and can provide insight with the understanding that we’re all balancing something or many somethings.

These courses will help you balance, too, to create space for what is needed in your life.

So,a what exactly will be featured during these sessions? What can you hope to learn?

Intention setting

One Legal’s own Lili Daniel will lead this session, inviting participants to take a moment to set intentions for their lives. Learn a little more about what that means and how to set yourself up for success in whatever you do.

Breath work

How do you breathe? Do you notice? Why or why not? Learn how to breathe in a way that increases your clarity, energy, and productivity, while helping you feel better in and around your workspace.

Chair yoga

Can’t make it to a yoga class every day? There’s nothing to stop you from giving your body a break while at your desk. These basic moves will increase blood flow, ease tension in your neck, shoulders, arms, and hands while helping with fatigue and stiffness throughout your day.

Mindful meditation

How do you start your day? Reduce stress before it starts with a simple act of mindfulness. Quick and easy, building a meditation practice can decrease anxiety and fatigue and leave you feeling at peace and ready for your day.


While planning this event, the One Legal team has strategically placed each session of the conference at times where we hoped it would work for your week. Start your week with a focus on you, on what and how you want to accomplish. set the intention to learn. Then follow the flow all the way to the final meditation and beyond.

We know these Wellness sessions will be a great way to start the day, to ease yourself into learning, and listening, being more mindful and aware.

We will see you there!

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