7 strategies for organizing your digital workspace

virtual desktop

For many people, an organized life is all about simplicity. From physical desktop to digital workspace, organized surroundings can bring a surprising amount of clarity to one’s life. An organized digital workspace can be particularly useful to those who work in the legal industry, where the majority of work occurs […]

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Bringing effective legal project management to your team

legal project management

For decades, the term “project management” invoked images of construction workers and engineers huddled around a set of blueprints, scheming to raise a building from the ground up. It was rarely, if ever, applied in the legal setting. In recent years, however, the legal profession has embraced the concept of […]

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OneLegalLive: the CLE opportunity you’ve been waiting for

Across the country, attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals seek to stay up to date with what’s happening in the industry and how their profession is evolving by earning continued legal education credit (CLE). Whether you are required to keep learning in order to maintain a certification or you’re intent […]

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