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Announcing Legal Up 2020

Are you ready to level up your legal support career? Join 1000+ paralegals, legal secretaries, and other legal pros at One Legal’s third annual virtual conference, March 24-26!

8 things you didn’t know Concierge can do for you

Could you use a helping hand? From placing your orders with the courts to applying OCR to your documents, the One Legal concierge team is ready to assist you.

How to ensure a smooth first meeting with the court

Your first time in court will be memorable but review these tips to have an enjoyable experience and one in which you’ll make an excellent first impression.

Ghostly laws you didn’t know about

Are there laws to regulate the supernatural? You may be interested to know that many states across the U.S. attempt to control the spirit world through legislation.

4 big reasons tech training should be mandatory at your firm

Currently, 36 states have adopted the duty of technology competence. While there may be some biases and challenges, there are several reasons that support the value of tech training and for continuing education programs in a firm.

Benefiting from paraprofessionals in your law firm

Paraprofessionals can be a true asset to any firm so long as they are hired with the goal of firm efficiencies. Perhaps it is time to discuss whether your firm can benefit from hiring one or more specialized paraprofessionals. 

How to leverage technology to further protect attorney-client privilege

Technology has been a great improvement in the practice of law, but it can also be a liability as far as attorney-client privilege. Attorneys and law firms should use this caution as an opportunity to safeguard and bolster their security to better represent their clients.

Streamlining business development with automated court searches

How can establishing automated court searches lead to positive business development and superior client service?

New at One Legal this quarter: April, May, June 2019

Electronic filing in all-new courts, updates, and enhancements to our filing workflow, new features, and more. Here’s what has changed at One Legal in the last three months.

4 ways to enhance your practice with legal research

Having the right tools is critical to building a successful law practice. In this guest post, One Legal’s newest Marketplace partner, UniCourt, highlights some quick ways to boost your practice while saving time and money. 

What perks matter most to office workers in a law office?

Working long hours at a law office means sacrifices, right? Because of this, firms make a big effort to show their appreciation to employees by providing perks. Here are a few office perks law firm employees say are most important to them.

7 tasks to outsource for hours saved each week 

There is no end to the amount of work any member of a law firm must do. But many companies out there are willing and able to do many of the small things for you. By relying on these niche professionals, you can save yourself and your colleagues time each week. 

2019 summer reading recommendations from One Legal

It’s the best time of the year! Summer reading time! The team at One Legal shared a few of their current reads, must-reads, and soon-to-be-reads.

What’s the deal with redaction?

Between the nearly 1,000 redactions in Robert Mueller’s report and the failed redactions in the Paul Manafort filings, “redaction” has appeared in the news quite a lot. Uncover why this matters and how you can avoid ever making headlines with redactions.

May the 4th of law be with you 

With a film series like Star Wars that’s earned billions of dollars, you’re likely to vigorously protect intellectual property rights. In light of “Star Wars Day,” we’ll look at some of the most notable court cases and decisions involving the Jedi universe.

All of your litigation support needs at your fingertips

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