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Legal practice areas that didn’t exist 20 years ago

Today’s trends generate legal issues that yesterday’s education may not have prepared us for. Will one of these legal practice areas be your new specialty?

How to maximize legal research demands in your practice

Are your legal research processes as efficient and focused as they could be? Studies show that many cases suffer from insufficient research; find out how to maximize legal research in your firm.

6 most important evaluations of any new software

How does your firm evaluate new software solutions? Carefully consider your options before making a decision, and factor in these key evaluations for successful software selection.

7 sneaky things that waste a paralegal’s time

How do you spend your time? Discover some surprising ways that you might be losing time over the course of the day, even as you intend to save it.

How eFiling works [infographic]

An illustrative guide to how electronic court filing works, complete with tips for filers to avoid rejection and optimize their process.

6 tactics for dealing with clients who take up all your time

Sometimes clients take up more than their fair share of your time. Here are some strategies for dealing with clients who need a little extra from your firm.

5 benefits of a court filing service for your law firm

How are you getting your legal documents filed? Professional law firms benefit from using an experienced court filing service like One Legal.

Top tech must-haves for solo attorneys and small firms

How does your solo firm balance the practice of law with the business of law? Do you have all the tech tools you need to succeed?

12 hacks for an office summer refresh

Spring is often an extremely busy time in the legal world, but as summer comes around, vacations and reduced litigation can actually make more time for brushing up on projects around the office. Consider using the coming weeks to take

Does my law firm really need PDF editing software?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) has been around since the 1990s and has long been since considered the “gold standard” of document types, independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. While some have believed the PDF to be “a

10 mistakes for attorneys to avoid when going solo

The path toward a solo practice is an arduous one, and it can be made all the worse if you stumble upon these 10 common mistakes. As you start thinking about going solo, protect yourself against these potential pitfalls by

Differentiating your firm with technology

Are you sending the message that your law firm stands above and apart from the competition? Everything you do for your law office indicates what you will do for your clients. From the way you brand your firm to the services

Tips for taking a break from work—and why it matters

The prevalence of portable electronics has pushed us as professionals to always be “on.” Because we can work from anywhere, we often feel like we should work from everywhere. But is this constant drive to produce actually harming our productivity?

10 tips for editing legal documents

We’ve all been faced with the task of drafting a pleading or other legal document with a deadline. When we’re rushed, we make mistakes. That means spending extra time to correct our errors and making others—usually the boss—wait for a

10 alternatives to meetings your firm should try

The face-to-face interaction of a team meeting is often useful for picking up nonverbal cues and team building, but is it always necessary? While being crucial and extremely useful in some scenarios, meetings as a whole are notoriously time-wasting. Too

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