Key organization processes for attorney-client workloads

Organized Lawyer

As cases and matters pile up, so too can the digital and paper files in any law office. A lack of organization can be a real danger to your practice. Here are five of our favorite tips for getting your practice — and your client relationships — back in order.

8 questions to ask before scheduling a meeting at your law firm


While periodic meetings can increase productivity, meetings in law firms are often notorious for starting late, running long, being unengaging, or having no defined purpose. To make sure your firm is using everyone’s valuable time wisely, here are 8 questions that need to be asked and answered before you set up a meeting.

What it means to be a client-focused law firm

Client handshake

Today, a firm must actually work at serving its clients in order to thrive. In the end, however, you may be surprised how much your renewed focus on clients improves your bottom line. Here’s what that looks like on a day to day basis.

5 Hacks for organizing your law office

In law, being organized is considered critical for conducting business in a productive manner. Creating and maintaining a clutter-free environment will likely improve the quality of your work, along with your mood.  

10 ways to prep your law firm for 2019

How is your law firm preparing for the end of the old year and the beginning of the new? Consider some new opportunities and continuing improvements you and your team can make before 2019.

How to unplug from your firm while on vacation


You just boarded the plane that will take you to your dream vacation spot, where you can have time for yourself, do whatever you want to do, and stop thinking about that upcoming trial or settlement demand that needs to be written. But instead of thinking about the exotic place you plan to visit, your […]

7 strategies for organizing your digital workspace

virtual desktop

For many people, an organized life is all about simplicity. From physical desktop to digital workspace, organized surroundings can bring a surprising amount of clarity to one’s life. An organized digital workspace can be particularly useful to those who work in the legal industry, where the majority of work occurs while staring at a computer, […]

5 tips for studying for a paralegal certification class WHILE working full time

paralegal certification

Studying for a paralegal certification—or  any professional certificate—is a full-time job. But so is your actual full-time job. How can you do both at the same time? How do you maintain your performance at work, prepare for a certification examination, and not lose your sanity? Here are five tips for legal support professionals who are […]

6 legal support skills to be proud of wherever you go

People cheering

As a paralegal or legal secretary, you have highly specialized experience in submitting court filings, managing case files, planning presentations for trial, and other tasks that usually happen only in a law firm or legal department. But working in legal support gives you skills beyond the day to day technical duties. In fact, the work […]

Being a good host: essentials for law office waiting rooms

waiting room

When a client enters the offices of a large law firm on the upper floor of a large downtown building and sees wall-to-wall cherry wood, uncomfortable-looking chairs, shelves of law books, and an empty reception desk staring back at them, they’re not likely to feel welcome or comfortable. Offered no refreshments and left with nothing […]

7 common habits of very punctual people

habits of very punctual people

A study by researchers at San Francisco State University once found that 20% of Americans are chronically late — and, according to recent surveys, it’s something that is increasingly common among the younger generation It’s not necessarily that the chronically late don’t respect other people’s time, though. Diane DeLonzor, the lead researcher for the San […]

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