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Lindsey Dean is the Senior Marketing Manager for One Legal. When she's not writing about legal support matters, she's probably reading, boxing, or exploring.

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Share your feedback on the new dashboard

How is the dashboard working for you so far? What do you most appreciate about the dashboard? What more do you wish you could see and do?

New! A dashboard experience for One Legal

We are excited to announce that a new look is coming to One Legal soon! In the next few weeks, we’ll be turning the main page of your One Legal account into a dashboard of key information with quick access to some of your most frequent tasks.

7 steps to become an eFiling super user

Sure, you can eFile, but are you successful at it? If not, then it’s likely that there are ways that you can up your eFiling game and take your electronic court filing to the next level. Here’s how you, too, can become an eFiling super user.  

Top 10 One Legal blogs of 2018

What have been your favorite blogs of the year on the One Legal website? Here are the top articles with the most reads across 2018.

10 ways to prep your law firm for 2019

How is your law firm preparing for the end of the old year and the beginning of the new? Consider some new opportunities and continuing improvements you and your team can make before 2019.

10 links to bookmark for every paralegal

How do you access your favorite sites, top resources, and go-to information? Check out this list of 10 links to bookmark and how to do so.

Top 10 resources for eFiling in Los Angeles County

eFiling in Los Angeles court is fast approaching. We’ve gathered the top 10 resources you’ll need to get your firm prepared and your filers confident in the new processes.

What’s happening with LA eFiling? An update

The Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) has announced new dates for the implementation of eFiling of legal documents filed in the Civil Division. UPDATED 12/20/18: The most recent timeline from LASC has the following eFiling implementation plans:   Permissive eFiling in

6 messages to the court clerk that could help your filing

Sending a note to the court is a great way to give your filing a boost. Here are some possible messages to the court clerk and why it could help your case.

Top 10 myths about eFiling and eService: Part 2

Part 2 of the series dispelling frequent myths about eFiling and eService. Maximize your court filing practices with the facts behind the misconceptions.

Top 10 myths about eFiling and eService: Part 1

Who rejects your documents? Do judges still print? When will conformed copies get returned? Let’s demystify these myths about eFiling and eService.

7 steps to filing legal documents successfully

What are the steps to filing legal documents with the court? What needs to happen between brief and court date to ensure that the document reaches the judge as it should? What does the filer need to do or know

New at One Legal this quarter: April, May, June 2018

New eFiling courts, updates to our platform, and exciting opportunities for customers to refer colleagues to One Legal. Here are some of the things that happened over the last month: Customer referral program In April, One Legal announced a brand

2018 summer reading recommendations from One Legal

Happy summer to you! This week marks the official beginning of summer, a time of long days, hot weather, cold drinks, cool beaches, and—of course—best reads. We asked around the office to see what everyone is reading at One Legal.

New and improved Order Status communication

One Legal is always working to make your experience with eFiling, service of process, court research, and more as smooth as possible. Our latest improvement? All-new screens for viewing the most up-to-date status for any order you place. We’ve also

All of your litigation support needs at your fingertips

  COVID-19 Update: We appreciate your patience as we navigate this unprecedented time. Our Customer Support team is hard at work to help you, but wait times are longer than normal. We strongly encourage you to use our self-help resources. For more information, including details of court closures, visit our Coronavirus Support Page.

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