6 hacks to make the California court pages work for you

Make the most of the information we share on our California court pages and easily access top details about your favorite courts.

By now you’ve probably visited our California court information pages, where we track the filing practices, contact information, and answers to frequently asked questions for that county.

Whether you’ve glanced at your top county once or you know to go to this section of the Support Center first when you have any questions, we are always doing our best to make sure that these pages remain valuable resources for you and your team.

Ready to level up on how you leverage these pages? Here are some things you can do now to make the most of this resource.

Find out filing requirements

Is eFiling available in this court? Is it required or voluntary? For all case types or just a few?

As more and more courts transition to electronic court filing, it’s important to stay up to date on how you’ll need to file where. Consider each county page as your primary source of information for confirming this detail.

Of course, you can always start on our California eFiling courts article for an overview of all 58 counties and which case types require electronic or physical filing.

Review documents exempt from eFiling

Every court that has transitioned to electronic court filing has kept some documents exempt from the practice, requiring proposed orders or ex parte filings to be delivered in paper format at the clerk’s window (or, these days, at the court’s dropbox). But these differ from county to county, so look in the FAQs section of your court’s page to review which documents should be submitted for physical filing.

Read more: How do I submit documents exempt from eFiling?

Access court contact information

As a certified eFiling service provider, One Legal can answer all things about how our platform works but has limited information about which documents to choose from the dropdown menu, which fees should be added when eFiling, and other specific questions. That’s why we share court contact information on each county page.

Double-check deadlines

While filing dates are in flux due to delays at the court, with filing windows closed and dropboxes enforced, you can still find out the deadlines to have your documents delivered to the court.

For instance, same-day filing is available in some courthouses, while next day filing is the standard for others.

Bookmark your top courts

Want to easily reference your favorite courts in as few clicks as possible? Use the bookmarking feature in your browser of choice to save and add notes to these links for quick access when you need it.

Suggest improvements

Have a question about our services that the current article just doesn’t answer? Give that article a thumbs up or a thumbs down at the bottom and you’ll see a form to send in your requests for more information on that topic. We review every request and might use your recommendations to make our Support Center a more valuable resource for you and your team.


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