6 recent upgrades to service of process that your firm can rely on

Recent Upgrades Service Of Process Your Firm Can Rely On
An entire case can hinge on the quality of the initial service of process. That's why we've been making improvements to deliver reliable, traceable serves that meet your standards every time.

One Legal has been providing service of process for years, making it easy for customers to get reliable service of process as a standalone offering or added on to a filing order.

Recently, we’ve been making changes to our practices to improve the quality of this key step in litigation. We know how much hinges on each and every process serve in your case. And we are committed to partnering with you every step of the way.

We asked you…

Your time is valuable, so whenever you take a minute to share your feedback with us, we listen. And when we asked what mattered most to you when ordering service of process, here’s what you said…

Communication  – Improved visibility and transparency were important, as was knowing the status of your serve at any given time, with regular updates when attempts are made.

Quality – We all know that service of process is tricky, especially with some of the difficult at-home serves on individuals. You wanted better ways of sharing information to empower the server and successfully complete the serve sooner.

Customer service – When calling our Customer Support team with questions, you asked for more information sharing so that our agents could better assist you.

Your feedback on these topics helped us decide where to focus our efforts as we worked to make our service of process better. Here’s what you can expect from our new and improved service of process options.

Improved partnerships with servers

We worked to negotiate and standardize agreements with our network of affiliate process servers. This ensures that all our servers understand our goals and are willing to work to our service level standards. No matter where you need to serve documents, you’ll get consistently great results.

Radical improvements to Customer Support capabilities

Like many companies, we experienced a lot of unexpected challenges in 2020 that affected our ability to live up to our own support standards. We knew that this was one of our biggest opportunities for growth and we have worked tirelessly over the past several months to address this.

Knowledge of and access to critical service of process information became key in truly delivering the experience we knew our customers deserved. So we implemented a specialized team of Customer Support and Operations team members to receive all customer inquiries. This first response team is in charge of receiving and resolving your inquiries, so that your service of process-related questions will go straight to the people who hold the answers, with no more delays.

We are proud to say that our team of highly skilled specialists also answers the majority of all calls within three minutes and responds to most emails within one business day.

Service address verification

No more typos delaying your serve: we’ve added address validation to the service of process workflow to make sure that your address is accurate, getting our servers to the right location the first time.

Automation of key internal processes

We’ve built-in tools and improvements into our internal practices to remove some of the more manual, time-consuming aspects of getting your service of process order started. For instance, now, serves are automatically assigned to the best affiliate, based on a detailed list of qualifications and specialties.

This means your documents are sent to servers more quickly and that our team members have more time to spend on quality assurance, checking orders, and proactively working to ensure a smooth process for every serve.

Order review

We know that customers often have cause to review orders before they are served, while still wanting to experience the time savings of file – serve – file in one transaction. Now, we’ve added an option for you to pause your serve after the filed documents are returned from the court. Examples of using this might include:

  • Adding an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) packet
  • Adding a Notice of Case Management
  • Checking to confirm the file stamp reflected the right date

Whatever reason your firm might choose to review your service of process order after the documents have been accepted by the court, with One Legal, you can.

Easy skip trace and stakeout ordering

Did you know that we offer two additional services to help you get your documents delivered? Our skip trace offering searches a comprehensive database to find the most recent addresses and information for your service recipient and shares that information with you right away. With our Stakeout feature, our server will wait at the designated service address for the recipient to arrive. These optional add-ons provide additional ways for you to have better authority over what happens with your serve.

These are just the first of many ways we are improving the way we do service of process. We look forward to continuing to partner with you as we do more to enhance how service of process with One Legal works for you.

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