21 Twitter accounts to follow in 2021

Need some ideas for social media accounts to folllow? Check out these informative and amusing accounts focused on the legal world for your scrolling pleasure.

Ghostly laws you didn’t know about

Are there laws to regulate the supernatural? You may be interested to know that many states across the U.S. attempt to control the spirit world through legislation.

Best tweets for, by and about paralegals

Man holds twitter logo

Twitter can be a very important platform for legal professionals. Paralegals can receive news updates, get connected with potential clients or employers, build new relationships, and pass along words of wisdom related to the industry. Check out these recent tweets!

7 ways to make the most of a summer lull at your firm

Law office summer

Although the warmer weather and lazy summer days may be good for morale, they’re often hard on a firm’s bottom line. Here are 7 ways to take advantage of the potential opportunities that this seasonal slow time can provide: 

May the 4th of law be with you 

Star Wars Light sabers

With a film series like Star Wars that’s earned billions of dollars, you’re likely to vigorously protect intellectual property rights. In light of “Star Wars Day,” we’ll look at some of the most notable court cases and decisions involving the Jedi universe.

7 fascinating facts about Brehon Law

St. Patrick’s Day is near. A perfect time to brush up on your Brehon law! We hope you enjoy this glimpse into ancient Ireland’s earliest legal system.

Broken Hearts, Broken Laws

broken hearts love divorce valentine's day

The time of the year we celebrate with flowers, candies, and lawsuits. Just for you, we’ve picked a dozen long-stemmed court cases for your Valentine’s Day bouquet.

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