Best tweets for, by and about paralegals

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Twitter can be a very important platform for legal professionals. Paralegals can receive news updates, get connected with potential clients or employers, build new relationships, and pass along words of wisdom related to the industry via Twitter

Here are some recent tweets for, by and about paralegals and others employed in the legal profession:

For paralegals

How can a paralegal or legal secretary find and hone their specialty, and why would they want to specialize? Should #paralegals have a specialty? Find Your Niche! — @jennyblake

Paralegals: Is it ethical to get information on active cases from social media? — @jennyblake

10 Critical Steps to Improving your Resume – Even if your paralegal resume has other problems, you’ll see significant improvements if you make these 10 easy fixes.— Katharine Hansen, PhD

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of lawyers, I shall fear no evil. —@TPSparalegals

Fellow paralegals – and you too, attorneys – help answer a debate: The “v” in a case caption – what word is it abbreviating? Versus, which is Latin for against.

Paralegal acquaintance: Don’t you just hate that attorneys get all the credit?
Me: You’re in it for the wrong reasons, or you’re working for the wrong attorney. — @PocketParalegal

TODAY is going to be a great day. See to it. — @PocketParalegal

By paralegals

I am such a legal writing nerd. I just can’t help it. It is fascinating what some people can do with words. — @PocketParalegal

Legal technology is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, there is technology involved, but the reality of legal tech is far more than just tech. It is about cultural change and rethinking processes to ultimately a) become more client-centric and b) improve outcomes. —@Clevy_Law

We are all pretty impressed with #MayorPete speaking multiple languages, but so do most of my clients and somehow we are less impressed with them. — @HannahVH

About paralegals

Surprisingly, despite the proliferation of education and certification programs, many lawyers and paralegals are still confused when it comes to understanding paralegal credentials. — @AliciaMMercer

Paralegals offer law firms increased productivity and cost savings. Don’t believe it? Think about the cost of one associate doing research on a case vs. a paralegal (at a cheaper rate) doing it while the associate focuses on case matters. — @LeopardSolution

When paralegals track hundreds or thousands of cases, the data becomes empirical evidence on how people experience the administrative system in practice. — @MustafaM_KE

The paralegal profession is not highly regulated, so having a professional certification can really help you stand out from the others! #beintheknow


Do you know of other epic tweets for, by and about paralegals? Tell us about them in the comments!

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