14 gift ideas for legal professionals in 2019

holiday gift ideas for legal professionals
With the holidays swiftly approaching, we’ve compiled a list of our top gifts for that special legal professional in your life!

It is no secret, lawyers and other legal professionals are perhaps one of the hardest people to buy gifts for. With the holidays swiftly approaching, chances are you are one of the millions of Americans scrambling to find gifts at the last minute.

To help out, we’ve compiled a list of our top gifts for that special paralegal, legal secretary, or attorney in your life.

#1: An inspirational (or humorous) coffee mug

Keep calm and trust your paralegal coffee mug

Can you even start the workday without a hot cup of coffee or tea? According to Reuters, 64% of Americans last year drank at least one cup of coffee every day. Add some humor or inspiration (plus a dash of recognition) to your favorite legal professional’s day.


#2: Coffee mug warmer

Want to turn it up a notch? Turn up the heat with a coffee mug warmer! There’s nothing worse than trailblazing through a pile of work, only to take a sip and realize your coffee has turned lukewarm. No more trips to the microwave, keep your coffee hot from the comfort of the desk.

#3: Bookend and other office accessories

Paralegal gift superhero floating bookshelf

With all the time that legal professionals spend at their desk, surely they could use some personalized pizzazz to spruce things up. Think superhero bookend, floating bookshelf, or a quote from an inspirational lawyer framed to hang.




Holiday gifts for attorneys

#4: The billable hour clock

Returning to this year’s list is the billable hour clock. Is your life completely dominated by six-minute intervals? In 2020, why not dispense with traditional time altogether and measure all aspects of your life in fractions of billable hours? To help, you’ll be needing a new clock, such as this handsome glass and gold adapted desk clock (credit: The Cyber Advocate).

#5: A copy of your favorite Supreme Court opinion

Gifts for legal professionals

Everyone should have the chance to own a printed copy of their favorite Supreme Court decision somewhere on their bookshelf for easy reference. Check out these giftable copies of the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality, for instance.



#6: AirPods (or similar wireless earbuds)

No more choosing between staying at your Lawyer airpods wireless headphonesdesk to talk on the phone or ending a phone call to refill on coffee. Continue to listen to your classical music as you take your 5-minute walk around the office. Be a 21st century legal professional and get major relationship equity by giving AirPods (wireless headphones from Apple)! Need noise cancellation? The AirPods Pro will do the job of blocking out all distractions.

#7: Lawsuit — the board game

“Run your own law office and be a master of the courtroom all while moving around the game board.” Lawsuit is a classic board game perfect for your firm’s next holiday party, breakroom, or a colleague’s personal collection.

#8: Mousepad

No Coffee No Workee Paralegal Mouse PadGet artsy!


Provide a fun and witty mousepad for your colleague to look for whenever they have their head down.


#9: An iPad (or similar high-performance tablet)

tablet for legal professionals and contractsDid you know many businesses use tablets to have clients read and sign contracts? To stay ahead in this brave new paperless world, you’ll need the latest in tablet gadgetry at your fingertips.

Download this guide for more tips on making your office paperless.

#10: Office artwork

Interesting legal-themed artwork doesn’t need to break the bank. Etsy, a website where just about anyone with a skill can sell their art, offers the opportunity to snap up any number of interesting pieces. For example, why not decorate your office walls with a framed copy of the original patent art submitted with U.S. patent 2,755,833, i.e. the gavel. (credit: Above the Law).

#11: A good book

There have been many excellent legal-themed books published in the past few years. Among them is the latest book from legal futurologist Richard Susskind, Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future. Ian Goldin, of Oxford University. The book is described as an “essential introduction to the future of law for those who want to succeed in the rapidly changing legal landscape.”

#12: An office plant

plants for law firm officesIn addition to being great air detoxifiers, plants are also a great way to liven up an office. Plus, introducing plants can do wonders for making an office more inspiring.



#13. Foam gavel

When it comes to stress relief, very few things can beat smashing a gavel. We’ve all seen judges do it and perhaps thought to ourselves at some point “that kind of looks fun.” Help invite order back to the minds of your closest peers with this foam gavel.

#14: A Lego model of the United States Capitol

US Capitol set for lawyers and legal professionalsWho doesn’t enjoy building things with Legos? Give the gift of a brain-boosting distraction, plus eventual desk decoration.





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