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3 thoughts on “(QUIZ) Your favorite TV shows reveal your hidden paralegal specialty

  1. Very interesting IP Law! I worked in an international law firm before transitioning to a boutique firm. I worked as a Corporate Paralegal and a Litigation Paralegal with occasional IP matters. Now I just might consider taking a few courses to enhance my skill sets to include the detailed work involved to specialize in IP Corporate work. Thanks for the eye-opening experience.

  2. No, I’m not interested in issues surrounding copyright, patent, and trademark law.

    I am interested in shows involving crime (Criminal Minds), adventure (Game of Thrones), law (L.A. Law, Suits, Law & Order), suspense (Billionaire, Ray Donovan, Fracture), and not so much game shows.

    I’m also interested in matters relating to people as a trusts and estates paralegal.

  3. It was a little weird, because I had to choose among shows I never watched even once. The irony is that I am assisting an attorney now in an employment case – but for defendants, who are embroiled in a meritless joint employment case.

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