21 Twitter accounts to follow in 2021

Need some ideas for social media accounts to folllow? Check out these informative and amusing accounts focused on the legal world for your scrolling pleasure.

Twitter is, hands down, one of the most interesting social media platforms. You can go there for news, humor, education, gossip — you name it, Twitter’s got it. Of course, you can also customize your news feed to exclusively provide posts on topics that are of interest to your life and your profession. And, since we’re betting most of our readers have a keen interest in the legal world, we’ve put together a curated list of Twitter accounts that will keep you in the know for 2021 and beyond:

#1: Legal Talk Network / @LegalTalkNet


Legal Talk Network is a clearinghouse of sorts for all kinds of legal podcasts. Follow @LegalTalkNet for links to podcasts covering “current events in law, legal technology, eDiscovery, practice management & more.”

#2: Chrissie Scelsi / @PunkLawyer


For those of you who work too hard and need a little levity with your legal news, Chrissie Scelsi will keep you up to date on the latest celebrity legal gossip. Ms. Scelsi describes herself as a “Video game, entertainment, & IP attorney.” We describe her as interesting.

#3: ABA Law Practice Division / @LawPracticeTips


The American Bar Association is like one-stop-shopping for all your legal education needs. The organization’s Twitter feeds are especially useful. This one “provides members with essential tools needed for the business of practicing law.”

#4: Junior Attorney / @JuniorAttorney


Ok, so this account doesn’t have many followers on Twitter yet and, in full disclosure, all of the tweets are links to Instagram posts. That said, the pictures, memes, and videos this account links to hilariously capture the lives of young attorneys better than anything I’ve ever seen.

#5: National Association for Legal Professionals, Inc. / @NALStweet


NALS describes its Twitter account as being “dedicated to paralegals, legal assistants and legal secretaries and has been providing legal education, certifications and networking for over 85 years!” In our view, it is a great account for finding information and links legal professionals can use to further their careers, sign up for conferences, and even win prizes.

#6: Reuters Legal / @ReutersLegal


Reuters is a trusted legal news account with an impressive following. If you need to stay abreast of big developments in the legal world, this is a great way to make sure you’re up to date.

#7: State Bar Twitter accounts / Example: @StateBarCA


Many of the state bar organizations have Twitter accounts. While they vary with respect to activity and content, they can be a good source of information for legal happenings in your home state.

#8: The Justice Department / @TheJusticeDept 


If your practice involves federal criminal law, this is a must-follow Twitter site. It’s also interesting for those who just like to stay on top of the national government’s executive enforcement efforts.

#9: Litigation_God / @GodLitigation


This is another one of those accounts with a small number of followers, but a keen ability to humorously communicate what the practice of law feels like day-to-day.

#10: Paralegal Brief / @ParalegalBrief


This is a relatively new account (May 2021) that is worthy of attention. Their goal is to “bring together the best #paralegal content from the widest variety of industry thought leaders.”

#11: Immigration Paralegal / @PocketParalegal


The owner of this site does a great job at two seemingly unrelated things: (1) using Twitter for self-promotion; and (2) encouraging and committing to pro bono work.

#12: Priv / @privilegelog


Sometimes cynical, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes just plain honest, this Twitter account about the law is always entertaining.

#13: US Supreme Court / @USSupremeCourt


While many accounts purport to be reporters of all things SCOTUS, this account mostly just provides links to decisions so you can easily read them and make your own opinions.

#14: ABA News / @ABANews


This account provides useful information about current happenings within the ABA, as well as general legal news impacting the world.

#15: ABA Commission Women / @ABAWomen


According to the account profile, this ABA account “seeks to secure the full and equal participation of women in the ABA, the legal profession, and the justice system.” If you’re interested in gender equality in the law, this seems like a good account to follow.

#16: Institute of Paralegals / @IoParalegals


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to practice as a paralegal across the pond, this account is for you.

#17: Fake Terrible Attorney / @attorney_fake


Let’s face it, the practice of law is stressful. Follow this account to laugh at your own profession once in a while.

#18: National Federation of Paralegal Associations / @NFPAparalegals


If you’re looking for a new paralegal job, you might be happy that this account doesn’t have too many followers (less competition). The account posts lots of job alerts for paralegals all over the country.

#19: Bloomberg Law / @BLaw


This is another one of the major legal news accounts covering the biggest stories nationally and abroad.

#20: / @ParalegalPeople


This is the account for the Center for Advanced Legal Studies which specializes in paralegal education. Among other things, it is a great source for continuing education opportunities.

#21: One Legal | An InfoTrack Company / @OneLegal


We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our own Twitter account here. The One Legal account is a great place to stay on top of our blog posts, learn about legal technology, and peruse practice tips specific to life in a law firm.


Happy tweeting!



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