How to produce “court-friendly” PDFs

How to produce court friendly pdfs

The rapid introduction of electronic filing in courts across the U.S. means that it is now increasingly likely that court documents will only be read digitally. Some digital documents are easier for the courts to handle than others, however. What are the key features of a “court friendly” filing? The […]

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5 top stats from the ABA’s report on the future of legal services

In an effort to understand the rapidly-changing legal profession, the American Bar Association (ABA) established the 30-member Commission on the Future of Legal Services in 2014. The Commission spent two years researching and documenting the challenges facing the profession and, in particular, whether traditional delivery models were up to the […]

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Is it possible to have an entirely paperless law office?

paperless law office

Moving to a completely paperless law office might seem like an insurmountable task. Look around now and you’ll likely see paper everywhere: case notes, client letters, filings for the court, documents to be shared with other parties, and more. It doesn’t need to be this way. You’re possibly thinking, “what’s […]

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