Receiving notification that your court filing has been rejected by the clerks can be seriously frustrating. In terms of time, cost, and risk to your professional reputation we’re sure it’s an annoyance you could do without.

It happens, though. And, as the courts in more and more states move to implement electronic filing — with all its new rules and requirements — there’s a good chance it’ll happen more often.

That’s because, when you eFile, there are additional requirements to be aware of. For example, your documents must be submitted as PDFs, text must be electronically searchable, exhibits must be electronically bookmarked, and the whole filing must meet various local formatting rules. That’s a lot to keep track of!

Here at One Legal we’ve built our platform to keep your court filings compliant with the rules so far as we can. For example, all uploads (e.g. Word docs) are automatically converted to PDF. We also make these PDFs text searchable if the system sees that they’re not already.

However, there are other common rejection reasons we can’t automatically correct. When it comes to making sure your filing gets accepted, it pays to double check for the most common errors. To help you out, we’ve revised and updated our free guide to the top reasons court filings get rejected.

In this free resource, we cover the 12 most common reasons given by the clerks when not accepting a filing. There’s also advice on avoiding the problem in the future and links to resources explaining how to ensure you’re meeting the rules!

Get your free copy now! 

New from One Legal: Have us assemble, review, and submit your filing for you!

Whether you’re short on time or would just appreciate a second pair of eyes reviewing your filing, our new Email to File service is here to help. Simply send us your documents via email and one of our trained and experienced document specialists will do the rest.

Our team will check your filing for common errors, ensure that it’s formatted to meet court rules, and confirm that all the correct items are present and correct. If they spot a problem or error that needs correcting they’ll call you right away.

So, looking for peace of mind and reassurance that your filing is safely on its way? Check out Email to File for your next court filing >>

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