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Brooke Greene is a Product Training and Research Specialist at One Legal. She provides our audience with the training and tools they need to be successful. Brooke also has a paralegal certificate, is a member of the San Diego Legal Secretaries Association, and is a CALSPro certified process server. In her free time, you can find her at the beach, soaking up the San Diego sun with her daughter and her chocolate lab.

Posts by Brooke

Quick Tip Tuesday: Avoid run-on documents while eFiling

What makes a “run-on document” and how can you avoid it when submitting filings electronically with the court?

eFiling or eService – Which comes first?

Are you effecting electronic service correctly along with your electronic court filing? Check in on eService best practices and learn how to eServe and eFile at the same time.

Quick tip Tuesday: What if the court can’t open my document?

You submit a carefully edited eFiling only to find that the court can’t open your document. Use these troubleshooting tricks to optimize before you file.

7 troubleshooting tips for mid-eFiling woes

Whether you’ve attained eFiling guru status or you’re still an eFiling novice, you could find yourself smack dab in the middle of a transaction and suddenly realize there’s a problem. Your heart rate quickens and your adrenaline pumps as you

FAQs for new eFiling courts in California

While some states make the plunge into electronic court filing all together and all at once, the state of California has opted to let each county decide if and how and when its courts will make the transition. As of

Law Day 2015: celebrating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta

Law Day 2015: Magna Carta – symbol of freedom under the law To the legal community, May 1 is more than just the promise of wildflowers and sunshine. The first of May is Law Day; it is a celebration of

Solano Superior Court issues a positive status update

Positive outlook on state of affairs for Solano Superior Court The Solano Superior Court has released a somewhat positive status update on the state of their affairs, reports Jess Sullivan of the Daily Republic. Sullivan, who was covering a luncheon at

Using eService to simplify calendaring in California Superior Courts

Last month, we discussed what you need to know about eService in California. Many people don’t know that you are allowed to eServe in all 58 California counties! It not only makes your life easier, it can save you time

What you need to know about eService in California superior courts

Have you ever wanted to eServe your documents but worried that you might not be doing it correctly? eService can be much more efficient and save you time and money, but it is imperative that you comply with the California

Filing and Service of Process efficiencies: How a single vendor provides more value than you may have thought possible

In a fast paced and ever evolving legal industry, knowledge, efficiency and productivity have become the key components for success. With each court implementing its own set of local rules, it can become a time-consuming challenge to ensure that you

US Supreme Court Chief Justice talks eFiling technology in the new year

In his “2014 Year-End Report on the Federal Judiciary,” United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts discussed an initiative that would make all documents filed with the court available online as soon as 2016. Currently, paper copies of

Important things to Know when eFiling in Texas

Almost one year ago, eFiling became mandatory for all civil case types in 10 Texas counties. Today, there are 109 counties and 290 courts utilizing the eFiling system. In just the first six months of the eFiling mandate, over

San Francisco Superior Court announces program that enables eFiling

The San Francisco Superior Court announced last week that it is accepting applications from third-party filers to provide litigants and attorneys the ability to file civil case types electronically. The Court intends to approve three qualified applicants to file on

Is it 120MB or 65MB with Orange County eFiling?

(Updated 6/15/15) A typical Orange County eFiling transaction can include multiple documents totaling up to 120MB in size. That’s a lot of space! If your document is optimized properly, 120MB is about 5,000 – 8,000 pages. There is, however, a

More federal court judges viewing legal briefs on tablet computers

IPads and other tablet computers – it seems like just about everyone has one these days. It’s therefore only fitting that this technology is finding its way into courtrooms, and specifically into the hands of judges. Tablets give judges the

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