Texas eFiling could save 24 Million pages of paper in 2014

Texas eFiling saves paper

Texas paper savings galore

Think of how much paper you could save by switching to electronic instead of paper copies. Well, this is just what is happening in the state of Texas; but in a more peculiar way. There is a new mandate in town that requires certain types of cases to be electronically filed (eFiled). This mandate is currently only required in the top 10 most populated counties in the state.

A recent blog post by speaks to the potential paper savings that Texas eFiling could realize.

“The switch to digital is transcending into the Texas judicial system. Progress continues throughout the state of Texas as a new electronic filing, known as e-filing, mandate picks up momentum,” writes Renee Hansen, author of the post.

Hansen also quotes Bruce Graham, President of Tyler’s Courts and Justice Division, as saying, “This project is an outstanding example of how technology can make government more efficient by bringing it into a digital environment.”

One Legal’s Training Team speaks often and fervently about the paper (and time) savings that eFiling and eService can bring to California’s legal professionals, and so it’s gratifying to see that the legal professionals also realize the potential impact that Texas eFiling can have.

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