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Voluntary eFiling in Los Angeles Limited Civil scheduled to begin soon and the Court has now shared some additional filing details you will need to know. This week, we take a closer look at four specific eFiling processes you’ll encounter as you transition to eFiling in Civil.

Straight from the Court, here are some guidelines to help you successfully file your documents electronically.

#1 One lead document per transaction

When you file a document, or group of documents, in one single submission through your EFSP, the Court considers this a transaction. It’s important to know that you cannot submit more than one lead document per transaction in Los Angeles Civil. For example, you will not be able to submit two motions or submit a cross-complaint and an answer in one transaction. Instead, each lead document must be filed in separate transactions. Supporting documents can be filed together in the same transaction as the lead document that they reference.

Remember, per CA Code of Civil Procedure Section 428.50(a), you must file any cross-complaint against any of the parties who filed a complaint against you before, or at the same time as, filing an answer to the opposing party’s complaint. Filing cross-complaints with an answer will create an error in the system and your documents may be rejected. Instead, you’ll place two separate transactions, first one for the cross-complaint and then one for the answer.

#2 Jury Fees

Each eFiling court has a specific procedure when it comes to paying jury fees and Los Angeles Civil will be no exception. When you file your pleading, you’ll need to pay the initial fee for the jury demand by selecting the “Notice of Deposit for Jury” filing document name from the drop-down menu of document types during the eFiling process. And remember: at One Legal, we always disburse your court filing fees up front on your behalf.

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Definition: Filing Document Name

A Filing Document Name refers to the type of filing (e.g. answer, demurrer, motion, etc.) and is used by your EFSP to properly designate the document(s) upon submission. It’s important to always use the correct filing document name to help determine the appropriate fee and court workflow for your filing.

Learn more about paying Jury Fees in our Support Center>>

#3 Fee waivers

If you or your client is eligible for a fee waiver, both the fee waiver application and the initiating document should be submitted in the same transaction.  Either the complaint or the petition will be processed at the same time as the fee waiver application.

When filing your transaction on One Legal, you indicate your filing party’s fee waiver eligibility after you’ve uploaded the documents. This step will take place on the Filer Information Screen.

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If you indicate the filing party is exempt because they are representing a government agency, no further action is needed. If you select fee waiver, One Legal will then prompt you to upload the appropriate document. This is also true when a filing party is making a first appearance on an existing case.

#4 Proposed orders

All proposed orders must be submitted as PDFs. Although CRC 3.1312 requires that a Word version also be submitted, the Court has indicated that they will countermand this requirement via a General Order (TBA).

If submitting a proposed order with motions, applications or other documents, all of the documents can be submitted in the same transaction. However, make sure that the order is a separate PDF.

Once your proposed order is reviewed and signed by a judicial officer, the filed order will be transmitted back to you electronically and can be viewed, downloaded, and/or printed from your One Legal account.


There you have it: four need-to-know guidelines that will put you and your legal team on the road to eFiling success in Los Angeles. Next week, we’ll review how you can make the best use of the voluntary eFiling period and be ready well in advance of the mandates.

As you get accustomed to eFiling in Los Angeles, don’t forget that One Legal offers two different services to help you meet your filing deadlines.

#1: Double Check: Add to your order at the end of your filing and our team of document experts will review your filing for errors and, if needed, work with you to correct them before submission.

#2: Concierge: Not caught up yet on all the requirements? Have our team of document specialist file for you. Just email your documents and some details to [email protected].

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