eFiling 101 for Los Angeles: electronic service

In our recent chapter of the LA eFiling blog series, eFiling 101 for Los Angeles: filing basics and EFSPs, you learned that the EFSP you choose will become a service partner in eFiling. This ensures your documents are securely submitted for filing to the back-end system connected to the Court’s case management system.

But that’s not all your EFSP should do for you. Your EFSP should also be able to provide electronic service (eService) for subsequent filings (oh, and service of process for case initiations, too). Because when a court like Los Angeles mandates eFiling, it also mandates electronic service.

The only exception to this rule applies to self-represented parties, who have the option to affirmatively consent to acceptance of eService.

What is eService?

eService is the process of serving your electronically submitted documents to your opposing counsel by either electronic transmission or electronic notification. It replaces the steps of mailing or faxing the physical copies of your documents. That’s one less pile of papers in the office!

In CRC, Rule 2.251 et seq, accepted methods of eService include serving “electronically directly, by an agent, or through a designated electronic filing service provider.” This is clearly a task you are responsible for, not the Court. If you choose electronic notification, you are also required to ensure that the documents are viewable via a hyperlink. Your documents and the hyperlink must be maintained for as long as the case requires.

At One Legal, we make it simple for you to eFile and eServe simultaneously. You’ll be able to maintain your eService list within your account and add an eServe to your eFiling order with one simple click. You can also add new parties for eService, as needed, within the eFiling order process.

Learn more about eService in California in the One Legal Support Center.

Another benefit of using an EFSP—like One Legal—you are performing eService by electronic notification.  Our unlimited document storage is accessible, secure, and permanent and we will track the status of your serve, including when it was retrieved and viewed by the other party.

eService status view

Physical Service

There are still instances where you will be required to physically serve, even after eFiling mandates. New cases generally require it and self-represented parties who have not consented to eService will also need to be physically served. Other exceptions include documents such as Writs, Orders to Show Cause, Temporary Restraining Orders, and Orders for Examination.

One Legal is an experienced physical filing and service provider in Los Angeles. When you initiate your case, we automatically ensure you have the option to add physical service with your order.

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Be sure to check in next week for more information and resources to help your firm successfully transition to eFiling in Los Angeles.

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