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eFiling and eService

Our eFiling and eService platform is built for your success. A fast and intuitive ordering workflow with added features, like automatic conversion to text searchable PDFs, to ensure your filings are successful. Available in California, Illinois, Indiana, and Texas.

There are no eFiling or eService fees for your first 30 days.

Physical court filing

No eFiling available in your court? No problem. Upload your documents via the same simple workflow and an experienced document specialist will print, assemble, and deliver your filing to court on your behalf.

Available in California, Pennsylvania, Washington, and 9 other states.

Service of process

Take the hassle out of finding a fast and reliable licensed process server. Order online and we’ll get a pre-vetted professional right on it. Track status and view proof of service online.

We serve the entire United States.

Court research and document retrieval

Need court documents retrieved or a litigation name search conducted at a distant courthouse? We’ve got you covered. Order online and we’ll dispatch an experienced court researcher and email you PDF scans, often within 24 hours.

Service available in every courthouse in the United States.


Designed specifically for law firms involved in complex litigation, CaseLink is a service that maintains an accurate list of case participants paired with software to facilitate the exchange of documents.

Speak to a One Legal expert to find out if CaseLink could work for you.

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