A simple solution for eService and case management in complex litigation
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CaseLink is a specialist tool for managing complex cases

Designed specifically for law firms involved in complex litigation, CaseLink is a service that maintains an accurate list of case participants paired with software to facilitate the exchange of documents.

Request access to a case

Request access to a complex case that is using CaseLink.

Request removal from a case

Request removal from CaseLink

eService list removal

Request a removal from, or a modification to, the eService list.

Managed eService list

Serve an accurate list of participants thanks to a dedicated case manager who maintains the service list for every case.


Fast and secure eService

Serve documents in just a few clicks by uploading your documents and choosing recipients from the case participants list.

Computer monitor

Online case repository

All case documents are securely stored online within an easy to search and filer document repository.

Plus, unbeatable features