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Yet another sign that the end of the year is coming: the flurry of “Best of 2018” lists. If anyone has enjoyed a thing this year, that thing is bound to be featured in a list with 5-50 highlights from the category.

Best books of 2018. Check.

Best movies of 2018. Check.

Best TV performances, best board games, and best songs of 2018? Check, check, and check.

So why not dive into the best One Legal articles of 2018, too?

Here they are, our top 10 articles written and posted this year according to the number of readers.

#10: Most commonly misused words in the legal industry

Because don’t we all want to know which words we are misusing from the kindly notification of the internet rather than after we’ve misapplied “insure” in an important briefing?

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#9: 5 sites for free CLE and training for legal professionals

Did you make it to the end of the year without fulfilling all CLE hours that you’re required to complete? Check in again on our list of online training resources.

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#8: How to effectively edit legal documents

Editing: one of those tasks you have to do on the daily, but which everyone could be a little better at. Boost your editing efficiencies with tips from this blog.

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#7: 6 messages to the court clerk that could help your filing

What are some of the most successful ways you’ve used One Legal’s handy message to the court clerk function while eFiling? Consider adding these to your repertoire.

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#6: Are you a certified paralegal or a paralegal with a certificate?

Inquiring minds want to know. And brushing up on these key differences will help keep you from making the mistake of claiming to be something you’re not in the new year.

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#5: Clerical or legal? The difference between paralegals and legal secretaries

Another popular exploration of the nuances in professional titles in the legal industry. Pinpoint what you do and what differentiates your role in the firm.

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#4: 5 common grammar pitfalls for legal professionals

Aren’t we all truly grammaristas at heart?

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#3: How to organize digital files for your paperless law firm

Is 2019 the year your law office finally goes paperless? Whether you’re aiming for a 99% paper-free environment, or just want some tips on decreasing your firm’s reliance on tree-based products, we have some strategies for you.

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#2: 10 things a paralegal does: a non-exhaustive list

Let’s not forget who rocked this year—and the law firm: the paralegal. Ever needed something to point to when a friend or family member asks “what exactly do you do?” Here’s a start to that answer.

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#1: How to create templates in Microsoft Word

And finally, coming in at number one of the most read blogs of 2018: step-by-step for creating templates in Microsoft Word.

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We hope these articles have entertained, educated, intrigued, or otherwise interested you over the past months. Thank you for a wonderful 2018, dear readers. Cheers to a wonderful 2019 ahead for all!

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