The 12 links of LA Civil eFiling

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Los Angeles Civil eFiling is here! Have you bookmarked all the critical links you need to succeed with electronic court filing in the new year?

“On the first day of mandates, my court clerk gave to me…”

In Los Angeles Superior Court, the 2018 holiday season is filled with the spirit of eFiling. Limited Civil has already unwrapped mandatory eFiling on December 3 and Complex and Civil Unlimited are not too far behind with mandates coming on January 2, 2019.

And while I can’t promise you golden rings, dancers dancing, or swimming swans, I’ve gathered twelve essential links for eFiling in Los Angeles Civil for you and your team to bookmark and use all through the year.

#12: Support Center articles for Civil case types

We first recommended this resource in our initial chapter of Top 10 resources for eFiling in Los Angeles County. If you haven’t visited since then, you’ll be surprised at the number of new and updated articles. Our Support Center team keeps this resource up to date with the latest news on court requirements and processes, making this an essential bookmark for eFilers.

Support center Civil case types>>

#11: General Order for mandatory electronic filing for civil

This document provides the Court’s definitive guidelines for definitions, exemptions, working procedures, schedules, waiver of fees, and more.

General Order re Mandatory Electronic Filing for Civil

#10: Civil eFiling FAQs

Another definitive guide from the Court, this document gives you guidelines and rules in an easy to search format for your specific questions.

Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles Civil eFiling Frequently Asked Questions>>

#9: Online Services portal

One bookmark puts several online Court tools and resources at your fingertips, including case access, case number search, tentative rulings, interpreter request, and more. Use the drop down menu at the top left of the list and filter to your specific case type.

LA Court online services>>

#8: Filing court locator

Yes, this is a link you’ll find in the Online Services portal mentioned above, but we think this resource is important enough to warrant its own bookmark in your browser. According to our recent report Top eFiling rejection reasons 2017/2018, picking the wrong court location for your filing is not a step you’ll want to make. Los Angeles Superior Court has over 35 courthouses, and only 16 of these hear Civil cases.

LA Court online services/filing court locator>>

#7: Seven troubleshooting tips for mid-eFiling woes

There might be times when all the new rules and guidelines for eFiling will be swimming like swans around your head. For moments like that, our customer success team has put together a quick, fun review of the most common eFiling problems and how you can avoid them.

#6: Six messages to the court clerk that could help your filing

One of the eFiling tools you can utilize to convey important and unique information about your filing, the “Message to the clerk” text box allows you a place to communicate directly with the clerk reviewing your documents. In our blog, we review six possible scenarios where you will want to put this tool to work for you.

Five eFiling Best Practices

Rounding out our gifts of bookmarks and resources, here are five articles addressing the most common eFiling requirements and techniques. This makes a perfect set of links to share with a colleague new to eFiling or PDF technology as well as a handy set to have for your own reference.

#5: Five ways to reduce the size of a PDF>>

#4: How to make a PDF text searchable>>

#3: How to add electronic bookmarks to a pdf>>

#2: How to correctly redact a PDF>>

#1: eSignature troubleshooting tricks>>

With these twelve bookmarks, you should be ready for a successful and happy New Year of eFiling in Los Angeles Civil. But if you have room for a few more, be sure to check out our review of TEN recommended links for every paralegal.

Congratulations! This marks the last of our eFiling 101 for Los Angeles series. If you have read all of the LA-related blogs we’ve posted over the past couple of months, you should have a solid idea of the eFiling processes and practices you’ll need to succeed.

Ready to put your knowledge to the test? Look out for the ultimate Los Angeles Civil eFiling quiz coming soon, and become One Legal “certified” to eFile in LA.

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