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Should paralegals have a specialty? Finding your niche

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In the legal industry, niche specialization can enable professionals to distinguish themselves as leading experts and make it easier for clients to decide who to work with. This is why some of the most successful law firms in the country are the ones that practice in a specific area of law. But it’s not just the attorneys who can specialize. How can a paralegal or legal secretary […]

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5 essential questioning techniques for legal professionals

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From questioning witnesses on the stand or taking depositions, to conducting preliminary client interviews, or simply interacting daily with other colleagues, effective communication is critical to your success as a legal professional. Among the most important communication skills to master is asking questions effectively.  We wrote previously about how to […]

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Why typography should matter to lawyers

why typography should matter to lawyers

“Typography matters because it helps conserve the most valuable resource you have as a writer — reader attention.” So says Matthew Butterick, a graphic designer-turned-lawyer who has authored a book called “Typography for Lawyers”, which seeks to bust a lot of presentational myths that persist in the legal profession, and […]

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