A quick guide to the top 4 social media platforms for legal professionals

social media Facebook blog cover

Social media is changing how legal pros recruit, locate and investigate witnesses, connect with industry influencers, interact with prospects and clients and much more. However, many aren’t sure exactly how they should pursue this new way of practice law. Here are the most popular platforms they use, along with practical tips for making the most of them.

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8 questions to ask before scheduling a meeting at your law firm


While periodic meetings can increase productivity, meetings in law firms are often notorious for starting late, running long, being unengaging, or having no defined purpose. To make sure your firm is using everyone’s valuable time wisely, here are 8 questions that need to be asked and answered before you set up a meeting.

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4 ways paralegals and attorneys can reach technical integration

Technical integration celebration between lawyer and paralegal

For as long as there have been law offices containing attorneys and paralegals, each has assumed different tasks. Today, however, modern technologies add a whole new layer to that analysis. Here’s how both can work together to ensure the most efficient use of technologies.

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