Law firm faux pas to avoid now

woman peeking over desk

What are some of the top faux pas legal professionals make in the workplace? And how can employees avoid missteps around the law firm?

10 alternatives to meetings your firm should try

meeting room

The face-to-face interaction of a team meeting is often useful for picking up nonverbal cues and team building, but is it always necessary? While being crucial and extremely useful in some scenarios, meetings as a whole are notoriously time-wasting. Too much waiting around, not enough staying on task. Too much discussion, not enough decisions made. […]

6 ways for legal professionals to defuse tense situations

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Due to the nature of the work, the legal industry carries a high potential for anxiety and tension. When working with upset clients, it can be a challenge to represent your firm with the utmost calm, composure, and professionalism. Promote clear communication and avoid costly mistakes with these six different ways to defuse tense situations […]

5 ways to stay updated on local court rules

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When you’re focused on deadlines and case files, it can be hard to remember to look for court updates—and harder to find exactly where they might be. Here are some top ways to stay connected with what’s happening with local court rules, from social media to local paralegal association newsletters, and more. Need other quick […]

Expert solutions to common email challenges: Part 1

Rubiks cube

One Legal is made up of a team of passionate, knowledgeable individuals who put their specific areas of expertise to good use for our customers. Meet the brilliant people behind the scenes to explore why and how we do what we do. Around the office and with clients, communication is key. And email is the […]

10 tips for paralegals to improve client communication

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The need to improve client communications is a challenge that many law firms find themselves faced with over the course of their practice. And as the central source of information, paralegals are often the main point of connection for clients, legal professionals, and court staff, A study published in 2016 by the American Bar Association […]

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