5 ways to stay updated on local court rules

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When you’re focused on deadlines and case files, it can be hard to remember to look for court updates—and harder to find exactly where they might be. Here are some top ways to stay connected with what’s happening with local court rules, from social media to local paralegal association newsletters, and more.

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Email notification lists

You may already be on your local court’s emailing list to receive updates, but if you’re not, check out these state and county-wide lists to join for up-to-date, court-specific information.

To stay informed of news and court-related information, add your email to the listserve on the Illinois Court website.

Subscribe to updates on specific aspects of Indiana courts, from technology outages to subjects of interest to the judiciary.

CourTex is the Texas Office of Court Administration’s monthly newsletter regarding news in the Judicial Branch, to which you can subscribe for updates.


In the ever-more social media savvy world of the twenty-first century, even the courts are taking to Twitter to share information. Check out these court accounts, or search to see if your county has its own.

In California:

California may be one of the most active state courts on Twitter. Many counties have their own accounts, including San Diego and Orange County, so search for yours, too.

In Illinois:

Follow users like:

In Indiana:

For posts about changes to court rules, the main Indiana Courts account will be your best bet:

Check out a complete list of Indiana legal professionals you should be following.

In Texas:

Get the latest from:

One Legal

While One Legal can’t be a primary source of court information for the many individual courts where we are integrated, we will always share the most critical information when we have it. You won’t likely see a notification for your local courthouse closing early on certain days, but we do post articles when significant changes occur.

When California makes its biannual rule changes, as LA updates its move to eFiling, or as Illinois adds clarifications regarding new eFiling practices, be on the lookout for clarification and useful information on the One Legal blog.

You can subscribe to the One Legal blog to receive these updates as well as useful articles on improving productivity, best practices for eFiling, and more.

Plus, stay up to date on which courts are eFiling, with the One Legal pages we frequently update with eFiling news:

California eFiling courts


California’s Newsroom is one of the most comprehensive sources for court updates, where their newstream offers court-relevant news for events of note, such as when California wildfires cause court closures, or courts announce plans to destroy old records.

Local bar and paralegal associations

Some local paralegal and bar associations include regular updates in their regular newsletters. If you work almost exclusively within a single county, connecting closely with a location-specific association can give you the updates you’re looking for.

Search for local paralegal associations, such as:


How do you get court updates? Share your favorite communication channels in the comments.

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