Share your feedback on the new dashboard

It’s been nearly a week since One Legal launched its newest update. Our new home page features a dashboard of high-level insights, quick links to important destinations, and more.

This dashboard could not have happened without valuable insight from our customers. A series of interviews and surveys helped us to identify areas where our customers were looking to see and do more.

And now we want to hear more from you! How is the dashboard working for you so far? What do you most appreciate about the dashboard? What more do you wish you could see and do?

Using the One Legal dashboard

Don’t forget! With the dashboard you can:

  • Start a court filing, process serve, or other order
  • Quickstart a new order into a recent case
  • Search for past orders
  • Track status updates for recent orders
  • Access One Legal support and resources
  • And more.

Have questions still? Check out our dashboard user guide for answers to frequently asked questions.

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