Imagine this: You’re about to serve papers for a pivotal case for you and your client when you’re suddenly up against a brick wall. The defendant has moved, the business has restructured, or a key witness is nowhere to be found. The success of your case may hinge on what you do next.

Traditionally, you’d be looking at starting a skip trace — a process that requires finding and hiring an investigator, enduring long waits for results, and plenty of back-and-forth paperwork.

In the meantime, your case is floating in limbo. Now, with One Legal’s new Locator product, the game’s changed — you’re going from a waiting game to immediate action.

The shift to instant skip tracing

Our newest product isn’t just a feature but a fundamental shift. With do-it-yourself Instant Skip Tracing, control is in your hands:

Data with depth and breadth

Accurate, actionable information is the cornerstone of legal work. This is why Locator goes beyond the surface and uses a massive database, aggregated from thousands of sources, to pinpoint the most current address for your target.

To ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information, Locator searches a vast range of public databases simultaneously, including:

And we don’t stop there. Locator also leverages data from sources like USPS, information from utility companies, telecommunication records, online directories, social media, credit bureaus, and selected commercial data brokers. It’s a symphony of sources playing in unison to deliver one thing: the truth of someone’s whereabouts.

Why legal professionals can’t afford to skip this

In the legal field, skip tracing isn’t just a step — it’s the backbone of due diligence. It’s what illuminates the path to successfully confirming jurisdiction pre-filing, successfully executing service of process, and tracking down those hard-to-find witnesses. The Person/Business Locator isn’t just another tool — it’s your new strategic advantage.

And now, it’s all yours

Gone are the days of thumb-twiddling as you wait for skip trace results. Now, with One Legal Locator in your arsenal, you can take the reins on your searches. It’s like having a savvy investigator at your fingertips — ready whenever you are.

Locator isn’t just about speeding things up but empowering you. With Locator, there are no more barriers — just you, a straightforward tool, and the open road to the information you need.

So, whether you’re preparing to serve a lawsuit, confirming the jurisdiction of a court filing, or tracking down a key witness, the answer is clear: It’s time to embrace the power of instant skip tracing.

One Legal Person/Business Locator is your solution. And it’s available now. If you want to see it in action, request a demo and see how our tool can help your skip tracing needs.

Disclaimer: Due to data sensitivity, Locate Services is exclusively for legal professionals. Permissible professionals include attorneys, law firms, and staff working under the direction of an attorney. Access to these services is conditional on verification of professional status.

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