Albany, California-based Driscoll Omens is no stranger to complex, multi-party litigation. The firm has, over its history, represented plaintiffs in a number of high-profile suits in California.

Handling these types of labor-intensive cases in a small firm raises practical issues. Court filings must be delivered and all of the other parties – often many of them – must be served. These tasks must be performed quickly, reliably, and with minimal risk of error.

Traditionally, a small firm like Driscoll Omens would have to hire a full-time assistant to print, prepare, bind, file and serve all of their paperwork – an expensive option, and inefficient in more complex cases where the workload fluctuates from day to day.

One Legal provides a valuable service in this situation.


Driscoll Omens is a lean firm whose two partners efficiently litigate complex cases. By using One Legal, Driscoll Omens is able to increase that efficiency. The firm outsources labor-intensive work to contract paralegals and relies on One Legal for competent interaction with the courts to complete filings, saving the firm time and money.

As Donald Driscoll says: “From a small firm point of view if you employ all the people required to effectively manage complex litigation, you are sometimes staffing too much and sometimes too little. Whereas, by working with One Legal resources are available as and when they are needed.”

The need for fast, reliable, and on-demand litigation support led the firm to One Legal. Through One Legal, Driscoll Omens is able to reliably file and serve documents, streamline their procedures through One Legal’s easy-to-use online platform, and access the local expertise of One Legal’s document specialists and account managers as and when their advice is needed.

Use case

Driscoll Omens has been using One Legal to file and serve papers for over a decade, but a recent case requiring service of process on more than 85 parties highlighted One Legal’s value.

By using One Legal’s concierge service to enter and prepare the serves, the firm was able to save substantial time and effort, not to mention the potential costs of hiring additional staff.

With regular communication and easily accessible status updates, the firm could relax knowing the work was “getting done, and getting done right.”


“When you give One Legal a project, you know it will be completed reliably and promptly. You don’t have to devote resources to tracking whether it is really happening.”

“Communication from One Legal is excellent. With One Legal you get someone who connects with you, and lets you know you’re being looked after.”

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