Going Global? So are we: Introducing One Legal’s international service of process

Going Global Introducing One Legal International Service Of Process
With international service of process, One Legal clients can extend their reach to any corner of the world, submitting service requests that span continents with the click of a button.

The practice of law often extends beyond domestic borders, reflecting the global nature of business, personal affairs, and litigation today. Whether it’s a matter involving multinational corporations, personal injuries while on vacation abroad, or issues arising from cross-border relationships, the requirement for competent international service of process is increasingly common. 

The process of serving legal documents internationally is nuanced and highly regulated. Each jurisdiction has its own legal requirements and procedures that must be meticulously observed. These can include specific forms of documentation and precise translation mandates, all of which are essential to ensure that service is valid under local and international law. 

This is where One Legal steps in with our newest service of process product offering. Now, our customers can extend their reach to any corner of the world, submitting service requests that span continents with the click of a button. 

Why special procedures Are necessary for international service

Serving legal documents overseas involves understanding different legal systems: the laws of the country where the court is located, the laws of the country where documents are served, and international legal norms. Rules for service of process vary widely between countries and even sometimes within different regions of the same country. 

Historically, courts used Letters Rogatory to request legal assistance from foreign jurisdictions. While the Hague Service Convention of 1965 has reduced the reliance on such letters by providing a more streamlined process, they are still necessary in countries where no international service treaties apply. 

Understanding translation needs

Whether service documents need to be translated depends on the official language of the destination country and the defendant’s ability to understand the served documents. It’s crucial to translate documents to comply with the local laws and to ensure the defendant fully understands the legal actions being taken. 

One Legal’s partnership with Legal Language Services

The mastery of international service of process is intricate—a task for true specialists. That’s why, in extending our reach overseas, we’ve teamed up with the best in the field: Legal Language Services (LLS). With more than 35 years of experience and expertise in effecting service in more than 90 countries, they’re an industry leader we’re proud to work with.  

Diverse capabilities for any circumstance

When serving overseas, there are a myriad of rules and requirements to be aware of. Although the Hague Convention has established standardized protocols across its signatory jurisdictions, it’s still vital to have an expert on your side. Our partnership with LLS gives you access to their expert team, staffed by attorneys and international legal experts. Whether advising on international protocol, translating and preparing documents for service, or actually effecting international service of process, LLS handles each task with precision. 

Seamless integration with One Legal

The best part? You can access all the above through your One Legal account and continue to benefit from the usual streamlined One Legal experience.  

 Familiar order placement process: Place international service of process orders via the same user interface you’re accustomed to for domestic serves. You can even bundle an international serve with a case initiating court filing.  

  • Unified billing: International orders are billed just like your domestic orders, keeping all your litigation support spending in one place.  
  • All your documentation in one place: Your order history, service documents, and affidavit of service are available in your One Legal account. 

How it works

Each international service is going to be unique, with the right strategy and approach dependent on your situation. That’s where the partnership with LLS truly shines. 

  • Submit via One Legal: Simply select your service country and enter your international address. To accommodate languages and formatting, you’ll see a large text area giving you the freedom to accurately enter the service address.  
  • Review and quote: Once received, your order will be reviewed, and a bespoke quote will be prepared and presented to you to accept or decline.  
  • Completion and compliance: Once your quote is accepted, work begins with LLS executing the service in full compliance with international standards and providing you with regular updates. 

One Legal’s expansion into international service of process, in partnership with Legal Language Services, is more than a new feature—it’s a bridge connecting your legal practice to the world. With our combined expertise and your familiar One Legal workflow, you have a robust, reliable, and easy-to-use solution for all your international litigation needs. 

Welcome to the new era of global legal services. 

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