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Have questions about eFiling in Los Angeles? You aren’t alone! With more than a month of mandatory eFiling in Civil Unlimited — and two months of Limited Civil — behind us, eFilers are asking important questions as they encounter new rules and challenges in the eFiling process.

Now, working together with Los Angeles Superior Court and its eFiling technology vendor, One Legal created a FAQ page dedicated to providing Los Angeles eFilers with the latest news on known issues, resolutions, and new processes.

Below are just five of the top questions Los Angeles eFilers are asking, along with our answers and suggested resources. You can read the full list here on our support center page:

#1 Why is my document not identified in the list of available document names when I attempt to eFile?

The Filing Document Name refers to the type of filing (e.g. answer, demurrer, motion, etc.). This list comes from the court and is provided through the technology vendor via what’s called Court Policy so it can be displayed by the Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP).

At the launch of eFiling, some document names were not available in the Court portal, so EFSPs were not able to include them in filing menus. This known issue is currently being addressed by the court and its technology vendor.

#2 What do I do if I cannot locate a case by number to file a subsequent filing?

Use the complete case number, including spaces, in the Case Search box for legacy case data. If you are still having trouble in locating your case, contact the local court for further assistance. If that does not bear fruit then contact our Customer Support team and we’ll escalate to the court or its tech. vendor on your behalf.

#3 Am I required to submit a courtesy paper copy now?

In certain instances, the court requires printed Courtesy copies be delivered along with the eFiling. Courtesy copies for filings with a hearing date of two days or less need to be delivered to the appropriate department no later than 4:30 p.m. the same business day if the eFiling is submitted with the court prior to that time. If the eFiling is submitted after 4:30 p.m., the courtesy copy needs to be delivered by 10 a.m. the following court day.

Read more about which documents require Courtesy Copy Delivery.

#4 Why can I only file one lead document in each transaction?

Currently, filers must only file one lead document in each transaction. (Supporting documents can be filed together in the same transaction as the lead document that they reference.) The Court is now working to implement a process that would allow connected documents to be filed in one transaction.

#5 Do I need to use Court Reservation System (CRS) when I eFile?

The use of the Court Reservation System (CRS) is now mandated in many, but not all, civil courtrooms within the Los Angeles Superior Court. If your department does not currently require CRS, please make your reservation directly with the Court by contacting the department.

Remember: CRS is not currently available via eFiling through an EFSP but is accessed at under “Online Services”.


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