Answers to FAQs about eFiling in Riverside County 

Does your firm eFile in Riverside County? We've compiled top eFiling questions about Riverside County from our webinar!

Riverside County Superior Court launched permissive electronic court filing for Unlimited and Limited Civil case types, including Complex, Unlawful Detainers, and Small Claims. 

Important Riverside eFiling resources can be found on the Court’s eFiling webpage, including the eFiling Document Finder, Court Reservation System, General Order, and eFiling FAQs from the Court.  

One Legal hosted a live webinar covering the eFiling process and discussing the specifics of eFiling in Riverside County. You can access a recording of the webinar and review answers to frequently asked questions below.

Watch the Riverside County eFiling webinar from June 30, 2021>> 

Riverside details 

Which case types are available for eFiling? 

Civil Limited and Unlimited, Complex Civil, Small Claims, and Unlawful Detainer case types are currently available for eFiling. There is no date yet for Probate and Family eFiling. 

What is the eFiling deadline in Riverside County? 

Per California Rule of Court 8.77 (c), a document that is received electronically by the Court by 11:59 p.m. is deemed filed that Court day. 

What is the turnaround time for filings?  

We are not able to determine the turnaround time for eFiling courts. This will vary by location, of course. With that said, we are seeing a very quick turnaround time, as compared to physical filings, which in the past have taken weeks to get conformed copies back.  

What can I do if the document name does not match the filing document options?  

Riverside County has set up a special eFiling Document Finder to help filers choose the right filing option for their document. Use this as a guide and choose the closest document type.  

When do ex parte applications have to be eFiled by? 

According to the General Order, ex parte applications and all supporting documents must be eFiled by 10 a.m. the court day before the related hearing.  

Will signed/issued Judgments be returned through the eFiling system? 

During the first phase of eFiling, Judgments are among the documents that will not be returned through the eFiling system. They will be emailed out if an email address is included in the filing and returned via snail mail if not. 

Does the court require the proposed order cover sheet (judicial council form EFS-020)? 

No, Riverside does not require JCF EFS-020 to be attached to the Proposed Orders. 

When is the Certificate of Counsel required by the Court? 

The Certificate of Counsel is a Riverside County-specific form that is required when filing any new Civil action. It is required only by the Plaintiff when initiating a new case for self-represented and represented parties.  

Will ex parte filing times and requirements apply across the court, or will judges still have their own specific requirements? 

All ex parte requirements should be the same and not vary between judicial officers. 

Will the Court be issuing electronic Writs of Possession/Execution that the Sheriff will accept?    

Yes, the Court will be issuing electronic Writs of Possession/Execution. Before going live, the Court checked with the Sheriff’s department, and they did not have any concerns. 

Which providers can eFile in Riverside? 

The Court has provided a list of eFiling service providers on their website. 

Will Riverside’s current eSubmit portal still be available? 

Filers can continue to use the Court’s eSubmit portal and physically file documents as long as eFiling in Riverside County is voluntary. Currently, the Court plans to mandate eFiling on September 1, 2021. 

How does this update affect Federal filings? 

This change does not affect Federal filings, which are still placed using the Federal court’s eFiling service, PACER.   

 One Legal 

When should I use the “Documents exempt from eFiling” option? 

Select “Documents exempt from eFiling” in the filing workflow only for documents that you wish to be delivered to the Court in paper format rather than be electronically filed. This should be decided based on the documents the Court has deemed exempt from eFiling.  

Until the mandate, this option can also be used simply if filers do not wish to eFile. 

How do we ensure we are paying proper filing fees? 

The court assesses fees based upon the selected document type. The court will know what fees will need to be paid upon submission.  

How can government agencies indicate that they are exempt from filing fees? 

On the “Party” page when adding parties, check the box indicating that “Party is exempt from fees.” Then select “Government Agency” as the reason for this fee exemption. 

Which other counties have electronic court filing in California? 

You can see a list of where eFiling is available in California on the One Legal Support Center.  

What if you don’t know the demand amount when initiating a case? 

The demand amount is an optional field. If you do not know the amount when initiating a case, simply leave that field blank. 

Are you required to put in both attorneys’ names if two are representing and both are listed at the top of the pleading? 

It is recommended that all parties and Attorneys be added to the case. You can do that on this screen in the workflow. 

Can I eFile into existing cases that had previously been started as eSubmit or physical filing cases? 

Yes, all existing cases should be synced across systems and available for eFiling if within an applicable case type. Note that some cases may be delayed in getting synced. If you do not see a case that you expect to see, reach out to the Court to find out more. 

Can eFiling integrate with my case management system?  

InfoTrack, which One Legal is a part of, offers eFiling integrated with legal case management software in all California eFiling counties and other states. Learn more>> 

Will the system allow me to eFile a document that is not accepted for eFiling? 

Documents that are not accepted via eFiling will not appear in the list of document options when eFiling. However, it is possible to eFile a document that should be physically filed if a user selects a different document title from the type that they are filing. Check your document against the Court’s eFiling Document Finder.  

What is the process of submitting a fee waiver via eFile? 

Add the fee waiver application in the same order as you eFile the rest of your documents, uploading it after the lead and supporting documents. 

Will the eFiler’s name be available as a contact or just the attorney’s? 

Anyone can be added as a user in One Legal. Either the person who is placing the filing, the attorney, or both can receive notifications related to the filing. Or a third contact can be entered as well.  

Which order numbers should I reference when talking with the court? 

Reference the Court Transaction Number that appears on the confirmation page after submitting your filing and on the Order details page in your account. The One Legal order number should be referenced when talking with the One Legal team. 

Where can I find a list of the prices? 

One Legal’s pricing is available online at  

Electronic service 

When eFiling, all parties associated with the case will receive notifications, and it is unnecessary to eServe, correct? 

No, it is still up to the filer to also eServe notifications of eFiled documents. You can easily do so while eFiling, with some providers.  

Does eService replace other methods of service? 

eService replaces methods of service that could have otherwise been completed by mail or fax. Where in person, personal service of process was required before, it is still required. 

Can I attach my Proof of Service to my document or is that considered run-on? 

No, your Proof of Service needs to be uploaded as a separate PDF. 

Document preparation 

How can I make a document text searchable? 

You can view the various ways to make your document text searchable in this article>>. 

Is hyperlinking within documents going to be required? 

According to the General Order, hyperlinks within documents are strongly encouraged. Bookmarks are required for attachments to primary documents, including depositions, declarations, exhibits, and more. 

What is the file size limit? 

One Legal’s size limits for Riverside are 125 MB per individual document and 125 MB for the total filing order. 

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