Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson practiced business litigation in California from 1999 to 2016. When she’s not writing from her floating cabin on the Columbia River, she can be found hiking or kayaking around the Pacific Northwest.

The 7 PDF skills you need to successfully eFile in Illinois


You’ve probably heard by now that Illinois State Courts now require electronic filing of court documents almost without exception. As discussed in earlier posts, the courts are rather particular about the formatting of these electronic documents. Scanned PDFs are discouraged. Electronic signatures must be affixed in different formats, depending on […]

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How the science of persuasion impacts the legal profession

legal professional persuasion

It is undeniable that lawyers and other legal professionals rely heavily on persuasion. In fact, some lawyers refer to persuasion as an art form. But the person many people consider the foremost authority on this subject thinks that persuasion is actually a science.  Robert Cialdini is a professor emeritus of psychology and marketing at Arizona State […]

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Recent tech mistakes in law firms—and learning from them

office errors

While modern technology has certainly made life easier for legal professionals, it has also created a whole host of problems. Emails, instant messaging, social media, and web-based time-trackers are undeniably convenient. Each, however, carries a risk for costly tech mistakes in law firms. These risks undoubtedly exist in any office […]

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