7 best gifts for legal professionals


The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year — both at work and at home. Often that means that we struggle to find a chance to source gifts for our friends and colleagues or to treat ourselves to a little something special. Sometimes, gifts for legal professionals can be some of the hardest to find.

Don’t fret. Here at One Legal we understand that your time is precious. So, to keep your gift researching to a minimum, and to ease your holiday shopping stress, we’ve found and listed the top holiday-season gifts for the paralegal, legal secretary, or attorney in your life.

#1. Legal themed tree decorationsdecorration

For the last few years, the American Bar Association has run a Pinterest board full of gift ideas for lawyers. Legally themed tree decorations are always among the most popular items on the list. Why not add some symbols of justice to your tree this year?


notorious-rbg#2. A best-selling book

The last 12-months were good ones when it comes to legal publishing. Best sellers in the legal section ranged from a critically-acclaimed biography of the Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg to a new legal thriller from John Grisham. Why not choose something from the bestsellers list?


#3. A high-quality penpen

Yes, even though we’re all striving to go paperless, a pen is still (at least for the time being) a vital tool for every legal professional. A high-quality ball-point (with blue ink in it, of course), will be a loved and useful tool.


#4. A Lego model of the Lincoln Memoriallincoln-memorial

While many U.S. presidents were lawyers by profession, Lincoln is possibly the most famous. A little tenuous? Maybe, but who doesn’t enjoy building things with Lego? If you’re so inclined, you could even start building a Lego replica of most of the Capitol (though, there’s no Lego Supreme Court yet…).


#5. A new coffee mugcoffee-mug

If you’re anything like us here at One Legal, you’re mainly fueled by your morning coffee (ok, maybe the afternoon cup too). You’re possibly also constantly misplacing your coffee cup and in search of a new one. This year, help your colleagues to stay caffeinated by gifting a new mug.


#6. A day-to-day desk calendarlawyer-calendar

There’s no reason holiday gifts shouldn’t also be highly functional. Yes, there are calendars galore on your computer screen, but there is still something nice about looking at a paper calendar and writing all over it. For added fun, try a calendar that includes a new legal joke, anecdote, or details of a bizarre law each day!


#7. The world’s best notebook/plannermoleskin

There may be a million and one digital ways to manage your to-do list, but there’s evidence that writing it down in a notebook may still be best. Not only is paper more flexible and adaptive to your needs, but the very act of writing your tasks in a robust and high-quality journal may give them a greater sense of importance. Why not gift a Moleskine journal, or similar, this year?


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