United States


Serve legal papers on any recipient in the United States with professional process servers experienced in their geographical locations and the associated requirements. Order court research or document retrieval from any courthouse in the country with One Legal’s qualified team of experts.

California state


One Legal was founded in California and remains the top eFiling provider in the state. With One Legal you can file documents in every court across the state, deliver Courtesy Copies, serve legal documents, and more.

Illinois state


Since launching electronic court filing services when the new eFileIL system went live during 2017 and 2018, One Legal has continually upgraded to offer professional filers more. New features facilitate the unique requirements of courts like Cook County and put One Legal leagues above the competition.

Indiana state


One Legal was one of the first to become a certified electronic filing service provider in Indiana, launching in tandem with Indiana’s new statewide system. With more features and better functionality than any of the others that followed, One Legal remains the most cost-efficient, feature-rich eFiling platform in the state.

Texas state


Ever since becoming the first state-certified provider of electronic court filing in Texas in 2012, One Legal has continued to provide superior court filing services, and much more. Users benefit from our simplified billing options, disbursement of fees on your behalf, nationwide network of process servers and court researchers, and industry-leading support and training.