For the second year in a row, legal technology company One Legal has released a comprehensive report on the state of the legal support industry over the last year. Collating thousands of survey responses and recent data from parallel reports, the resulting State of Legal Support is an in-depth look at the world of non-attorneys in the field.

The report begins by clarifying the initial goals:

“While many articles, studies, and reports focus on the legal industry as a whole or solely on the experiences of attorneys or courthouse staff, there’s not nearly as much information about other specifics of the industry. The legal support profession has its own sets of challenges and opportunities, benefits and negatives. Through this report we hope to shine a light on how the industry is thriving and evolving.”

Survey respondents were asked a variety of questions about their experience in the industry, including about their preferred tools, advice for incoming and aspiring professionals, greatest challenges, length of time in their roles, and recent success stories. What emerged was an insightful look at the realities, evolution, and future of the legal support profession.

In tandem with the report’s release, the authors of the reported highlighted several of the report’s top findings during a keynote session at One Legal’s virtual conference. A recording of the webinar is available to watch for a limited time.

One Legal is an electronic filing service provider, with an integrative platform that also connects users to service of process, court research, and records retrieval. Developed for legal professionals of all kinds, One Legal’s services are particularly useful for paralegals, legal secretaries, solo attorneys, and support professionals. Most users tend to be involved in the day-to-day requirements of facilitating court and party connection.

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