One Legal Becomes Certified Electronic Filing Service for Los Angeles Civil

Los Angeles, CA , Tuesday, October 30, 2018—One Legal, California’s leading court filing and service of process solution, has been officially selected as an approved electronic court filing service provider in Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) for Civil case types.

The Los Angeles court chose Journal Technologies Incorporated (JTI) to provide a case management system to receive electronic filings. The court has opted to allow an open filing system, permitting select electronic filing service providers, such as One Legal, to integrate with JTI to ensure a positive experience for filers.

Vendors wishing to connect to the electronic filing manager in order to file with the court must undergo a thorough certification process, meticulously testing for a myriad of circumstances and confirming that all requirements have been met.

One Legal’s Chief Operating Officer, Martin Kilmer said, “Our development team worked closely with JTI’s team over the past several months to ensure that its requirements were met while at the same time guaranteeing a customer experience that closely resembles our other eFiling courts in California.”

Previously, One Legal had worked with JTI on a similar eFiling implementation in the San Francisco Superior Court, where integrated eFiling went live in July of 2016. One Legal offers court filing in every superior court in California and is a certified provider in all 19 courts that have so far implemented electronic filing—as well as being a certified eFiling service in the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Texas.

eFiling will become voluntary for Limited Civil cases on November 13, mandating on December 3, with other case types to follow soon after. For more information about eFiling in Los Angeles, visit