InfoTrack makes waves in California with the acquisition of One Legal

InfoTrack US today announced the acquisition of One Legal in a strategic move to expand their brand presence in California

March 3, 2020 – InfoTrack US today announced the acquisition of One Legal in a strategic move to expand their brand presence and become a household name in the California legal market.

Stephen Wood, the Executive Chairman of the InfoTrack Group explains “We were attracted to One Legal’s excellent reputation for simplifying support for legal professionals via their SaaS application and their strong operational and client service functions. They currently have 12,000 active legal firms and we see their service creating an opportunity to further strengthen InfoTrack’s end-to-end workflow integration solutions, especially across the state and local courts where eFiling is mandatory.”

InfoTrack US has been founded on a similar model to its global counterparts in Australia, UK and in New Zealand, where integration is saving lawyers time and creating workflow efficiencies through data pre-population, simple billing reconciliation and smart document workflows.

One Legal CEO, Robert DeFilippis who has been a part of One Legal’s growth story for over 20 years, says “We’ve worked hard to find the right business partner who had the capability to deepen our service provision to clients and to ensure that our people and our clients remain top of mind. InfoTrack is this partner, and we are excited to be working together over the coming months to expand our service offering and to delight our clients with new ways to create workflow efficiencies in their practices.”

InfoTrack US is based in New York although One Legal will continue to operate out of its Petaluma California headquarters where it has links to all 58 of California’s superior courts and every state court in Illinois, Indiana and Texas.

Vista Point Advisors, a San Francisco-based boutique investment bank, acted as the exclusive financial advisor to One Legal.

For more information, please contact [email protected].


InfoTrack is a global innovator in legal technology servicing the needs of the legal market in Australia, USA, UK and New Zealand. We are a leading provider of integrated SAAS platforms enabling our clients to find, analyze, organize and communicate information efficiently and effectively. InfoTrack has globally been at the forefront helping law firms through technology innovation for over 19 years and has a deep understanding of the legal industry in multiple jurisdictions with over 25,000 legal firms world-wide. 


One Legal is the most desirable single platform for litigation support services with easy to use solutions, premium customer support and in-depth knowledge of the courts. With a 30-year proven track record, One Legal consistently delivers trustworthy, accurate and on-time services that save customers time, while reducing risk.

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