Fast, accurate bulk filing for every case type.

With One Legal's bulk filing uploader, you can file hundreds of cases in a fraction of the time it would take through other providers. 


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eFile by spreadsheet to minimize repeat data entry

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  • Generate a custom "load file" spreadsheet for any case type
  • Copy information from previous filings and third-party software
  • Upload the spreadsheet to One Legal, which converts the filing data to drafts
  • Built-in data validation checks for errors
  • File hundreds of cases at once!

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Save dozens of hours filing high-volume case types like:

Debt collection/defense

Tax law

File tax rate and valuation objections, tax deeds and more with significantly less data entry.

Issue debt collection filings or respond to them en masse in far less time than other EFSPs.

Insurance defense


File responses to claims by hundreds or thousands of insured parties for less.

Have a lot of tenants to manage? We can help you drastically reduce your litigation spend.

"One Legal is supported by an experienced customer support and training team to answer questions and help customers understand their court’s e-filing workflow."

"[One Legal's bulk filing] process was incredibly easy and their customer service assisted me every step of the way. Going forward, One Legal will be a part of our tax objection filing process every year."



Lex Tech Review (July 2018)

Elliott & Associates

Frequently asked questions

How does your bulk filing process work?

How do you minimize the chance of errors?

One Legal's bulk filing tool allows users to bypass the linear eFiling process used by most Illinois eFiling service providers. The columns in your spreadsheet correspond to the same fields you'd be asked to type into your state's eFiling system, and the rows correspond to filings. By duplicating and copying data down rows, you can avoid countless hours of repeat data entry.

After you upload your spreadsheet to One Legal, each filing becomes an editable draft. We validate each field in your filing to make sure the data looks as expected. If it doesn't, we'll display a "warning" icon and give you a chance to correct it before submission.

Before you submit the full batch, you can submit one or two entries individually as a test.

What payment options are available?

How do I create the filing spreadsheet?

Because credit card companies charge processing fees on the total value of each transaction, we often recommend that bulk filers consider paying by ACH (eCheck) or paper checks. When paying by ACH, funds can be deducted directly from your bank account on a specified day, so have time to ensure the account is fully funded.

Prepare a regular electronic filing in any of the courts One Legal files into. Instead of submitting the filing, click the "BULK FILING TEMPLATE" button to download a ZIP file that includes a custom load file spreadsheet with all of the required fields for that case type. The ZIP file will also contain a PDF with instructions customized to your filing type.

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