Top 10 resources for eFiling in Los Angeles County

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eFiling in Los Angeles court is fast approaching. We've gathered the top 10 resources you'll need to get your firm prepared and your filers confident in the new processes.

It’s true, eFiling in Los Angeles is finally, nearly here!

The Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) has been working hard for more than a year to create a seamless integration with the county’s new eFiling system. Recently, the court announced new dates for the implementation of eFiling in more case types, starting with Limited Civil on November 13, 2018.

Probate case types first began eFiling in May 2017, but other case types were scheduled out in order to ensure a robust system that could handle electronic filings sufficient to the largest legal market in the world.

If you’ve been eFiling in other counties, the good news is that many of the policies and procedures will be similar to those in Orange, San Diego, and surrounding counties.

If you’re brand new to the electronic court filing world then buckle up! There’s a lot to learn (and a lot that will be the same as paper filing) but we have everything you need to become eFiling savvy.

#1: Blog series: eFiling 101: Los Angeles County

Hungry for LA eFiling details? We’ve got so much valuable information to share! This is the first in a series of blogs that will answer LA specific questions about the eFiling process.

Save this link now to see all blogs in the series and check back weekly for new articles: Or, subscribe to our weekly blog digest to get the most recent details sent straight to your inbox.

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#2: Live events in October 2018

Customer Success Manager Lili Daniel and other LA experts will be hosting live training sessions in October in partnership with the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

(SOLD OUT) How to prepare for eFiling in Los Angeles – October 24

A live tutorial and overview of how the eFiling process works in LA. Bring a lunch and your questions for this social and educational event.

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PDF essentials for eFiling in Los Angeles- October 24

One Legal customers are invited to a special breakout session directly after the eFiling training on the same day. Become familiar with the PDF editing steps that every filer needs to know.

(Psst! It’s not too late to create an account and join us for this hands-on training!)

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(SOLD OUT) Encore training session announced! How to prepare for eFiling in Los Angeles – November 1

Due to high demand, we’ve announced a second in-person training session! Join us November 1st for a live tutorial and overview of how the eFiling process works in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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Third training session announced! How to prepare for eFiling in Los Angeles – November 29

Due to high demand, we’ve announced our third in-person training session! This is the last chance before the mandate to attend a live training. Join us November 29th for a live tutorial and overview of how the eFiling process works in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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#3: eFiling webinar series

Can’t make it to a live event? One Legal is hosting a series of training webinars to get filers up to speed on eFiling in LA for all Civil case types. Join us for one of several dates that are currently available.

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#4: A beginner’s guide to eFiling

While there are some differences in rules and processes between courts, many of the basic principles of eFiling are the same. This step-by-step eBook will walk you through the eFiling process. Bonus: 5-minute filing tutorial included!

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#5: How to prepare your law firm for electronic court filing eBook

Start your whole firm off ahead with this comprehensive guide to preparing your law firm for eFiling. Full of useful links and easy tips, this guide will help your law office get ready for eFiling long before the mandate.

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#6: California eFiling checklist

Your handy list of all the key elements that must be considered in your digital document before you submit electronically to the court. Use this easy reference to remember the fonts and spacing that are preferred, to remove metadata and redact, to check your file size, and more.

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#7: Instant Expert

For all the Los Angeles specifics in a few pages, check out the Los Angeles eFiling Instant Expert. It’s your firm’s overview of county-specific deadlines, contact numbers, terms, and more.

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#8: Office hours

Customer success specialists Lili Daniel and Brooke Greene hold bi-monthly office hours to meet with small groups of filers and answer questions. Studied the resources in this article and still have burning questions? Join us for the next open office hour session!

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#9: Request a demo

Is your team of filers big enough that you think your firm would benefit from a comprehensive demonstration? Let us know you’re interested, and we will get back to you with some options.

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#10: Support center articles

Did you know that One Legal’s subject matter experts are always adding top questions and answers to our library of support materials? Find quick answers to top questions.

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That’s all for now, but it should be plenty for your firm to feel well on its way to eFiling confidently in Los Angeles County.

Next week, check back on this blog for new answers to frequently asked questions about eFiling in Los Angeles, and save the link for easy reference:

LA webinars

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