Are you a certified paralegal or a paralegal with a certificate?

certification or certificate

And what’s the difference, again? Paralegal certificate: is recognition earned from an approved paralegal studies program Paralegal certification: when a professional has passed a rigorous legal skills test to become a certified paralegal Too many paralegals make the mistake of claiming to be certified (having passed a certification test) when […]

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The evolution of legal support: past, present, and future

evolution of legal support

From creating elaborate presentations to navigating ever more complex legal technology, the responsibilities of paralegals and legal support staff have grown significantly since the days when lawyers worked alone with paper and pen. More than one quarter-million paralegals and legal support staff are currently working throughout the nation, and the U.S. […]

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Top tips for getting along with colleagues in your law firm

getting along with colleagues

Getting along with colleagues can sometimes be easier said than done. While everyone’s job is focused on the practice of law, personal differences sometimes outnumber similarities, and disparities in temperament, work ethic, efficiency, and general work habits can cause friction among colleagues and undermine the success of the law firm. […]

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6 legal support skills to be proud of wherever you go

People cheering

As a paralegal or legal secretary, you have highly specialized experience in submitting court filings, managing case files, planning presentations for trial, and other tasks that usually happen only in a law firm or legal department. But working in legal support gives you skills beyond the day to day technical […]

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Should paralegals have a specialty? Finding your niche

multi-colored tulips

In the legal industry, niche specialization can enable professionals to distinguish themselves as leading experts and make it easier for clients to decide who to work with. This is why some of the most successful law firms in the country are the ones that practice in a specific area of law. But it’s not just the attorneys who can specialize. How can a paralegal or legal secretary […]

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