getting more done

10 things you can do in five minutes or less


Let’s face it: from time to time, every legal professional feels overwhelmed. Work piles up and the to-do list keeps getting longer. Then, once the workday ends, family obligations take over. Even though we’re constantly rushing about, it can sometimes feel like we aren’t actually accomplishing anything. In times like […]

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7 strategies for organizing your digital workspace

virtual desktop

For many people, an organized life is all about simplicity. From physical desktop to digital workspace, organized surroundings can bring a surprising amount of clarity to one’s life. An organized digital workspace can be particularly useful to those who work in the legal industry, where the majority of work occurs […]

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Bringing effective legal project management to your team

legal project management

For decades, the term “project management” invoked images of construction workers and engineers huddled around a set of blueprints, scheming to raise a building from the ground up. It was rarely, if ever, applied in the legal setting. In recent years, however, the legal profession has embraced the concept of […]

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5 tips for studying for a paralegal certification class WHILE working full time

paralegal certification

Studying for a paralegal certification—or  any professional certificate—is a full-time job. But so is your actual full-time job. How can you do both at the same time? How do you maintain your performance at work, prepare for a certification examination, and not lose your sanity? Here are five tips for […]

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8 ways to spice up routine tasks in your law firm

bored business woman

Working in a law firm has its moments of excitement, but the day to day responsibilities can often be less than dynamic. As the support and foundation of a successful law firm or legal department, your workday likely includes repetitious or non-creative tasks. And while these responsibilities are critical to […]

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How to choose an electronic filing service provider in your state

pumpkin patch picking

Courts across the country are implementing electronic court filing, gradually introducing the new practice to counties and states to improve how documents are processed and kept for ongoing and past cases. So it’s important to consider carefully what is most important to your firm as you choose an electronic filing […]

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5 ways to boost your productivity that are backed by science [Updated]

Productivity tips for lawyers

Originally published December 15, 2015. Updated January 20, 2017. The internet is full of articles claiming to provide the secret to limitless personal productivity. If only we got out of bed earlier, organized our email more often, or divided our day into 25-minute bursts of activity followed by tiny little […]

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