4 strategies for frequent eFiling: One Legal tools to stay ahead

Do you submit multiple documents to court (electronically or physically) each day?

Are you filing for multiple attorneys and having trouble keeping up?

Does filing tend to be a multiple-stage process as you wait for colleagues to finalize information?

However you use One Legal to file legal documents with the court, you’ll benefit from the variety of tools within our platform to help you streamline your processes and cut down on repetitious work. Check out these frequent eFiling strategies that will help you stay organized while keeping your documents ready to file whenever you are.

#1 Add cases to your portfolio

Every time you file a document through the One Legal platform, that case is saved in your Case Portfolio. You can go to this section of your account to view all cases that you have been working with to more easily begin a filing, check on the case, or initiate a serve.

You can also use this feature to organize the cases you know you will soon be filing into. Add an existing case to create shortcuts to your filings, and this will save you those first steps of inputting case information at the very beginning. File, serve, retrieve, or send courtesy copies right from the saved case.

From your Case Portfolio you can also modify your case. Change the eService recipients, modify the client billing code, and add parties as necessary. Each case will remain in your portfolio until you are finished with it and delete it.

#2 Start and save drafts

Say you’re filing an order with five documents, but the final document isn’t yet ready. You can easily prep filing orders that are still being prepared in the One Legal Drafts section. With this function you can ready the entire eFiling order and save it, then add the final piece right before submitting the filing.

Drafts are saved for seven days at a time, and you can always open and save again if you need more time to work on the order.

#3 Create templates for high volume filings

Do you frequently submit the same types of documents to the same courts? Create a Template to make this a smoother, quicker process for your most common filings.

Choose an eFiling or physical filing order and fill out the order as you normally would. After submitting your filing, choose the Create a Template button at the bottom of the confirmation page:

While Drafts allows you to save your progress on a single order, Templates gives you a head start on every new order of a certain type. Simply add specific documents and make other tweaks to customize the filing as needed.

Templates can be great for filers who only ever file in one courthouse in one case type, and tend to file similar documents in high volumes.

#4 Filter order statuses

You may already use Order Status to check on the acceptance or rejection of your documents. Here are a few ways to filter your status results to better see the specific types you’re looking for:

  • Search by Client Billing Code to track filings submitted for a single client. Use this to reconcile invoices or update the status of the case
  • Search by Order Type to look at only eFilings or only physical filings.
  • Filter results by status type to see all rejected filings or all that need

Whether you’re confirming a recent filing or checking on the status of a case from weeks ago, the best way to look at a specific case is to search for it on the order status page.

When you submit multiple filings a day, every bit of time saved matters. Use these One Legal functions to get ahead with your frequent eFiling and set up your profile for accelerated use.

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