Sonoma County to introduce eFiling soon

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As early as July 1, 2019, Sonoma County will join the growing list of California courts allowing voluntary eFiling in Civil, Family and Probate case types. On June 12, with the room packed to capacity at the Sonoma County Law Library, Court Executive Officer Arlene Junior confirmed that Sonoma intends to implement a new eFiling system soon which will allow court users to file documents in real‐time from any location. 

Free webinar for Sonoma filers

With voluntary eFiling just around the corner, One Legal has launched a webinar training series exclusively for legal professionals filing in Sonoma. Whether you’ve eFiled in other California courts or currently use One Legal for other services, this webinar will provide you and your filing team with a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of eFiling in California and all the courtspecific guidelines in Sonoma. 

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Prepare your office now

One Legal encourages Sonoma legal professionals to incorporate eFiling into their workflow as soon as possible. You can begin preparing now by reviewing your office technology and software and upgrading to recommended standards where necessary. Here is a quick list of the office essentials you’ll need: 

  • High-speed internet:  When you eFile, you must upload your documents to your EFSP. You’ll also need to download court-returned documents and documents that have been electronically served. For these processes you’ll need fast internet to avoid interminably long wait times. 
  • Web browser and email address:  For the best eFiling experience use one of the “big three” web browsers — Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. Keep your browser fully up to date for optimal security and functionality. 
  • Laser printer(s): If your firm hasn’t yet gone paperless, you may choose to print out a large filing you’ve received by eService. In these scenarios, you’ll want a cheap, fast, and reliable printer — choose a laser rather than a two-page a minute inkjet. 
  • Scanner: Look for a professional office scanner that allows you to adjust the resolution. 300 dpi is minimum accepted by courts and will ensure that your scans are sufficient quality but not too large. 
  • Professional PDF software: To meet eFiling requirements in California, you may need to edit and manipulate your PDF files before submission. You will need to bookmark exhibits, redact confidential information, and render image-based PDFs text searchable. These tasks will require professional PDF software with enough licenses to cover all eFiling members of the team. Remember: the free or reader versions of most PDF software will be insufficient for your eFiling needs. 

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One Legal: Sonoma’s #1 eFiling resource

When you choose One Legal for eFiling in Sonoma County, you are also benefiting from an all-in-one legal support solution that is a part of your community. 

  • One Legal is a highly rated electronic service provider (EFSP) that has been eFiling in California since 2009. We work closely with courts like Los Angeles and Santa Clara when they introduce electronic filing to ensure a smooth and successful transition for filers. 
  • One Legal also delivers physical documents to courts throughout the state and beyond with 30 years of experience. 
  • During the voluntary period in Sonoma, you can still choose to physically file while bringing your team up to speed for eFiling. File anywhere in the state with no additional login to memorize: One Legal is a single sign-on solution. 
  • Add physical service of process to any eFiling order with just a click of a button. 
  • Our top-rated Concierge service will be available for your Sonoma filings—get a document specialist to file on your behalf.

As a Sonoma County-based technology company, One Legal is excited to be working together with the Court and local legal community during this important transition to digital filing. We are ready to help your firm realize the benefits in saved time, office efficiency, and money that eFiling brings. Let’s get started! 

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