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Personal injury firm based in Oakland sees success with One Legal

Defense attorneys specializing in civil litigation see benefits in efficiency and reliability using One Legal’s eFiling and service of process.

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Personal injury & wrongful death, premises litigation, employment, liability

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Oakland, CA

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In the bustling legal landscape of Oakland, CA, an administrator of a mid-sized law firm finds herself at the center of a dynamic and fast-paced environment. She is the backbone of the firm’s daily operations, overseeing everything from finance and accounting to HR and facilities management. Her role is crucial in ensuring that the firm runs smoothly and efficiently.  

This client success story highlights this firm administrator’s journey to streamline the litigation processes using One Legal, transforming her busy workload into a smoothly run and efficient system.  


Specializing in insurance defense, the eight-attorney law firm manages an extensive caseload spanning personal injury, catastrophic injury, premises liability, professional liability, and wrongful death cases.

Given the nature of their practice, they need to eFile and serve individuals several times daily all across California. A robust and reliable system is essential to manage a caseload that spans many county superior courts and various eFiling systems.  

Adopting One Legal

The firm has long relied on One Legal as their primary vendor for eFiling and Service of Process. With statewide coverage for eFiling and a global network of professional process servers, One Legal handles all court filings and services, regardless of location. The firm administrator mentions, “There is no ‘Before One Legal.’ We have used One Legal forever.”  

With One Legal, everyone at the firm enjoys quick and easy access to documents, invoices, and statuses related to each case, all neatly organized in one centralized online location. The seamless and intuitive platform has markedly improved the firm’s operational efficiency.  

To ensure uniformity in the firm’s litigation processes, the administrator makes sure all staff members use One Legal as the preferred vendor for eFiling and Service of Process. Onboarding is a breeze, and the initial impression is overwhelmingly positive, with new users finding One Legal to be user-friendly from the start.


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Our rep, Michelle Dodd, is truly top-notch and always ready, willing, and able to jump in and help us out with any problems.  She’s the best there is in the industry!

How One Legal helps

The firm administrator credits her high degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty to the firm’s Client Success Manager, Michelle Dodd. Michelle provides exceptional support and personalized attention, which has significantly enhanced the overall One Legal experience. The firm administrator shares, “Michelle Dodd is truly top-notch and always ready, willing, and able to jump in and help us out with any problems. She’s the best there is in the industry!”  

Additionally, the firm administrator highlights the impressive efficiency of One Legal’s finance team. She relies on timely invoices to efficiently manage client billing. She notes, “Candidly, it is One Legal’s best feature and what sets you apart from all the others.” This level of efficiency and support has made a remarkable difference in their operations.  

One Legal benefits


With multiple daily orders for eFiling and process serving, One Legal's seamless interface markedly improves their operational efficiency. 


The firm relies on One Legal for all their service of process needs and they are able to trust in the consistency and reach of the services provided. 

Peace of mind

Personalized attention from One Legal’s staff has improved the overall experience and maintained a high degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

One Legal’s billing and bookkeeping department deserves a Gold Star. I receive invoices in a very timely manner so that I may bill them out in return. It is One Legal’s best feature and what sets you apart from all the others.

Long-term partnership

Having been a customer for what feels like forever, the firm continues to benefit from One Legal’s services. The biggest advantages cited are the efficient billing department and the exceptional support from their account representative. These features have significantly contributed to the firm’s operational efficiency and satisfaction.  

“I still love working with One Legal. That has never changed.”  

Final thoughts

The firm’s experience with One Legal has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate the continuous support and excellent service provided by their Client Success Manager. “Keep up the great work. Again, Michelle Dodd is truly the best, and I am very appreciative of her,” the firm administrator concludes.

Using One Legal’s solutions has not only helped manage legal administrative tasks effectively but has also provided a knowledgeable, transparent, and long-term partner for litigation support.  

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