Orange County eFiling for Family Law cases coming soon

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Hello Orange County!

It’s been more than six years since courts in Orange County, California first began accepting electronically filed documents. Civil Limited and Unlimited and Probate case types have been benefitting from eFiling for several years now. Starting December 4, 2017, Family Law filers will finally get to join the club.

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How to prepare

If you haven’t already been eFiling in Orange County for other case types, now is your chance to get ready. One Legal has prepared several important training tools to help get you up to speed before the launch date.

Before December 4, 2017:

…start learning about electronic court filing and the Orange County requirements.

Attend a webinar

Our experienced eFiling experts and customer success specialists will be holding two live webinars to demonstrate the eFiling process in OC, and to answer any questions about rules and requirements.

Thursday, November 16 at 12 p.m.

Monday, November 27 at 10 a.m.

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Download important resources

We’ve done the research and leveraged our experience to create top resources to help you with your eFiling.

(eBook) How to prepare your law firm for eFiling

(Instant Expert) Everything you need to know about eFiling in Orange County

(eBook) A beginner’s guide to eFiling

(Checklist) The ultimate checklist for eFiling court-friendly documents

After December 4, 2017

…once eFiling has begun, the court will have a one-month permissive phase—where eFiling is permitted but not required—to give both filers and the clerks a chance to get accustomed to the process. During this time we recommend that you:

  • Use Double Check. Have a document specialist go over your first few documents to help you identify common issues and solve problems.
  • Attend office hours. Our training specialists host special office hours twice a week to answer questions, provide specific demonstrations, and otherwise help customers with the eFiling process. It’s a chance to learn how to make the most out of eFiling through One Legal.
  • Pay close attention to comments. Remember that the court clerks are learning the new rules too, and any remarks they leave on your documents are an opportunity for you to learn more about what they will be looking for in the future.
  • Continue to review our guides and checklists, and subscribe to our blog for updates, industry insights, and how-to articles for the world of eFiling and beyond.

Advantages to using One Legal in Orange County

As a highly rated electronic filing service provider (EFSP) and all-in-one solution, there are several key advantages to choosing One Legal for eFiling in Orange County.

  • One Legal has been eFiling in Orange County since the beginning, and has more than six years of experience eFiling in other case types.
  • You can manage your Family Law cases with the same, reliable service you’ve come to know for Civil and Probate. No new tools to learn or additional login to memorize: it’s a single sign-on solution.
  • Our top-rated Double Check service will be available for your Family law filings—get a document specialist to check your filing first.
  • Unlike other providers, we can file and serve in all case types in OC and file in any court in California.

This new Family Law eFiling approach will have all the same convenience you’ve come to expect from One Legal:

  • Quick and simple ordering workflow
  • Free conversion of all uploads to text searchable PDF
  • Simple billing and invoicing features
  • World-class training and customer support
  • …and more

OC Family Law

One Legal: Delightfully easy eFiling

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